Your kid is allergic? Choose a proper carpet!

A proper carpet for allergic kidsMedical experts claim that if in past, allergens were quite unordinary, today, almost every third child has allergy. As a young parent, you may feel some difficulties in providing your child a healthy and suitable for his issues environment. For instance, some people believe that if their kids are allergic, carpets are forbidden. Though, we have good news – you may keep your love to carpets without influencing on your love to your kids. And if your own kid is allergic, see what carpet you may choose for a happy and beautiful home area:

  • Nylon. Besides being so extremely easy to be maintained and cleaned, the nylon rug is also durable and resistant to different kinds of unfavourable factors. Among them dirtiness, dust and mild are. Also, the nylon material provides control over the humidity level, so allergens will never stick to it.

  • Natural materials – but mostly wool – are also suitable materials for a carpet in a home, where allergic kids live. Being deprived of any synthetic bad affection, the woollen rug is also quite soft, gentle and comfy for small children, who really love playing on the floor. Save for woollen carpet, another option for you is sisal or sea grass. They are hard to be maintained, but you can always rely on professional carpet cleaning services.

  • Olefin. This is one of our favourites. Making this choice, you will not regret, because besides being so harmless to your kid’s allergy, it is very stylish, practical and convenient. Olefin rugs keep warmth in winter and in summer it does not bring additional heat to your feet!

  • Whatever you choose in the store, always ask the consultant if the carpet is safe for kids with allergie. Getting this information, you may even be added with an expert opinion for a better choice.

  • Last, but not least, do not forget to warn your carpet cleaners that your kid has allergy. Thus, they will know not to sanitise the rugs with some toxic or chemical detergents.

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