Yes or no to home school

Yes or no to home schoolHome school programs have become really fashionable these days. For some reason young parents prefer to educate their kids at home than to drive them every day to the local school and to use the free time with no kids for several things – home cleaning, professional obligations or just some leisure time.

Education – whether it is at ordinary school or by some specialised domestic plan – is essential for every kid. But, some experts have recently raised their voices against such acts of willfulness, when it comes to breeding kids.

Today, we would like to point you the benefits and the weak points of home school! We have no intentions to force or to convince you to do something. On the contrary – all we want is to help you to decide more easily. Because, after all, raising a kid is an individual act, which should be done by an individual approach! So, school at home – yes or no!? It is up to you to answer this question! We will start with the strong points of home school:

  • Your kid will get the necessary attention and cares from your private teachers or from you! Children are different – some of them need more time to remember information, others are extremely fast in learning foreign languages, for instance!

  • Home school gives a chance for talent development. In home school program, there is a chance to overcome the classical and standard educational programs and to underline the best skills of kids.

  • Home school is less stressful for parents, when it comes to street habits, bad companies or even the small issues with little kids. If you can look after your kid all the time, little injuries or constant stains on clothes will be reduced twice!

And now the weak points of home school:

  • The more a child stays at home, the more mess he will do! Plus, you will always have to sanitise his home desk and his room should be always clean and fresh! Without a good, pure and hygienic atmosphere, knowledge won’t come! It is the same as the cleaning issue in the office! Productiveness and order are closely connected.

  • Your kid will lose his social skills. School is not only about calculating, reading classical UK writers or doing homework. As a matter of fact, all your kid can do, if he is in homeschool program, is doing homework! No communication, no friends and no lessons from life!

  • Private teachers are expensive! You may say that your kid deserves the best whatever it may cost you! Though, you should admit that local teachers are paid from our taxes and private teachers demand some really huge sums of money! On the other side, teachers are all the same and such surplus charge may even not worth it!

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