Which colours you should use in a small space

Paint colours for small roomsWhether you have a big house or a cosy little home, likely there is at least one small room. Properly selected colour for the walls and ceiling can make the room optically to look wider than it is. Depending on the function of the room and the lighting, you can choose between different shades. Check out our tips:

  • White will make the room seem more spacious, for sure. But the truth is that the lack of any other colours can make the room look sterile, bland and cold, so it is recommended to combine white with at least one more nuance, such as ecru or champagne;

  • You can choose cold pastel colours such as sky blue and mint green. If you want to achieve cosier atmosphere, then you may use either caramel or beige. Place furniture made of dark wood or different coloured accents and decorations;

  • If your home office is of a small size, then you can experiment with some vivid colours. In the event, that you like saturated colours, don’t hesitate to use them but do it moderate! Paint one of the four walls in bright colour. In addition, office cleaning is essential for keeping your mood and productivity always on a high level;

  • Peach, coral and lavender also ‘open’ space visually. You can even use turquoise colour, you just need to have a big window, and so more natural light could enter in the room;

  • Another ‘trick’ for small rooms, which is not colour related is to clear the clutter and put all the useless items away. You can move the furniture to another room, where it will be more useful. Get rid of the clothes in your closet that you don’t wear yet. Make sure your rooms are always clean and tidy, you’d better run house sanitising every day;

  • Dark colours in a small room can make it look like a cave. If you prefer dark colours, then use them mostly in accessories, such as pillows and bed linen.

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