When your pet is a dog, you have to comply with these rules

When your pet is a dog, you have to comply with these rulesFor your dog it is important to have contact with others of its kind, but to avoid risks, do not let it play with stray animals, but with pets which are vaccinated. You can recognize them easily. It is good to ask their owners about the nature of their pets – whether they love to play with others, whether their owners want and allow that to happen, whether they are healthy, aggressive, and so on. Learn more details:

  • The fact if the dog is male or female also matters. If their dog is a female and is rutty, and yours is male and uncastrated, you have to be very careful not to end up with a whole team of unplanned puppies.

  • Once you have passed the “casting” and you have chosen who your pet will play with, let them get to know by smelling, gentle hitting or even slightly barking. If they are small, their game will be mostly like chasing, biting, squealing. It is not good to allow it, however, if there is a serious difference in the sizes of the dogs. Even if they are benevolent to one another, the risk of accidents is high. Dogs must be approximately in one “category”.

  • If you find that the other owners of dogs do not like the play, better step back. They may have their reasons and have the right to decide with whom and how to play their pets. If you see that they are moving away every time they see you, you’d better choose another company. It’s like changing your end of tenancy cleaning company Surrey, just search new contacts.

  • The owners of dogs are your new friends. Often the places where you walk your dog are the same and are close to your home, which suggests that you will know the other owners of dogs. This is a good opportunity to view and exchange a few words, or sit together in the park. The dog topic is much more interesting that carpet cleaning Surrey tricks for instance.

  • Loving and taking care of your pet is a good start of a human friendship. The dog is inexhaustible common topic on which you will always have something to say to exchange experience and is something that you can share together. Everyone needs social contact, affection and sharing what excites him and makes him happy.

What about you? Do you have a dog? Comply with these rules when you go out with your pet!

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