What you need to know when buying a carpet?

What you need to know when buying a carpetA lot of people think that finding a good carpet is a piece of cake but they underestimate the fact that many aspects should be taken into account – you can’t just pick the first rug you like. This simple task may quickly become complicated and this is why you should know that not only the colour and style are important but the type of fibers used and the level of traffic of the room you are carpeting. You know that carpeting is a pricey expense and you should carefully choose a rug that will serve you for the years to come. Learn more about every aspect that concerns choosing the right carpet for your home!

  • Let`s start with the colour – an interesting fact is that colour trends in carpeting run a year or two behind these in the fashion industry. That means that if you now see a shade you like in the latest fashion clothing collections they will show up in the carpet industry in a couple of years. However, if you don`t obey fashion rules and want something individual, match it with your personality. If you are a relaxed and calm person, choose earth colours and warm tones. Being more practical and detail-oriented means that you would prefer blues, grays, whites and black tones. You should also have in mind that choosing a certain colour means that you should be able to handle its maintenance – if you enjoy light hues it is highly recommended to book professional carpet cleaning services from time to time because the regular vacuuming is not going to be enough to keep your carpet fresh.

  • Now, a little more information about the whole process of dying the carpets – colour is added to carpets using two basic methods. The fiber can be “topically dyed” or “solution dyed”. Solution dyed carpets are more resistant to colour-fade and therefore they are recommended for rooms that are exposed to direct sunlight. Not only direct sunlight may present a risk of fading and wearing the carpet – always consider the level of traffic. Placing a light carpet in a high traffic area means higher chances of stains, spills and dirt. Interior designers point out that the same goes when you choose your sofa – pick neutral or dark colour if your living room tends to get crowded. Otherwise you will have to call the professionals in sofa cleaning and the carpet cleaners every time your little one draws with crayons or your four-legged friend goes back from the park with muddy paws. Another thing to consider is whether you want to brighten up your dark room or balance a room that is too light with the carpet. Red is a good colour to add warmth and brighten up your space. Dark blue and chocolate brown are perfect for busy rooms. If you want to go for neutral colour choose light brown rug – it`s a good solution for messy pets and little children.

  • How the fiber is made into a yarn is a crucial factor. This is really important because the performance of your carpet depends on how well the fiber is bundled together to form a yarn and how densely the rug is tufted. Over 90% of the carpets nowadays are made of synthetic fiber such as polyester, nylon, polypropylene or triexta but the method below applies for carpets made of natural fibers such as sisal and wool, too. They are basically made the same way despite that they have different characteristics. Fiber is bundled together to form the yarn and then set to lock in the right shape – a heat set method is used. After that the yarn is sewed into a backing and another backing is attached to add stability and strength to the carpet. The more fiber twisted into yarn, the more durable the carpet is which guarantees a better performance.

  • What are the different types of carpets? Carpets are manufactured with loop pile tufts, cut pile tufts or both combined. Let`s start with loop pile carpets – they have a knobby appearance and are more durable than the cut pile ones. Loop pile carpets can be made up of multi-level loops or level loops to form a certain pattern. Cut pile carpets making process involves strategically cut of loops to the same height. This method gives the carpets the appearance of softness and as a result they provide a cushion for the foot. The third type is called Cut and loop carpet – these carpet feature the combination of the two types mentioned above to form patterned designs that can give appealing visual image.

Finding a carpet that is both practical and stylish is not an easy task. However, if you consider  all of the aspects above, you will see that your new carpet will bring texture, colour, warmth and cosiness to your home!

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