What to expect from 2-hour professional domestic cleaning

What to expect from domestic cleaningClearly, hiring a professional maid for your domestic cleaning routine saves you time and gives you a couple of extra free hours for relaxing and sleeping after the busy day in the office! Meanwhile, you pay for this service, so you should require some really professional approach into regular home hygiene restoration and tidying! People who do the daily household chores for living are of course more trained and more diligent. This must be giving a hope that your home will really shine from purity and cleanliness every day!

On the other hand, if you have never used any professional cleaning services – whether for thorough or for regular sanitising at home – it could be useful for you to know what it is really like! Thus, disappointment and unnecessary argues with the maid will be avoided. Plus – you will clearly know what you pay for! By giving you an example with a 2-hour reservation of a professional maid for a day, see what exactly to expect! Never forget that sometimes, some companies offer the very special option for you – your own list of requirements and instructions for your cleaner! See the standard procedure for professional domestic disinfecting in 2 hours a day:

  • Maids usually start with overall kitchen sanitising – from oven de-greasing to doing the dishes!
  • Bedroom tidying is the next important chore the professionals do! This includes changing the bed linens, getting rid of the dirtiness under the bed, from the furniture and from the upper parts in the room!
  • Bathroom sterilising consists of toilet seat disinfection plus sink sanitising! Some maids are painstaking enough to wipe the showers and to rub the tubes, as well!
  • Floor is always mopped, vacuumed and refreshed in daily domestic tidying by a professional maid! Carpet cleaning is also performed, but not in a way of an individual service with hot water extraction option, for instance!
  • Bigger houses are sterilised in a more perfunctory way than small houses, where extra services may be included – ironing, for example! You can list your individual household chores in case your house is less messy than the usual ones!

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