What do feng shui experts do in your home and why?

What do feng shui experts do in your home and whyFeng shui represents art and science, aimed to create a harmonious and healthy environment for living and working. This can be achieved in any area – housing, building, room, even a whole area. After the great wave of interest towards this art in recent years, boundaries between classical and popular feng shui are quite fuzzy. Here are more details:

  • The basics of classical feng shui lie in the chinese philosophy as “the interaction between yin and yang,” “balance of the five elements” and others. Similar principles apply in other sciences, such as Chinese astrology, Chinese cuisine and Chinese medicine.

  • Each of the five elements correlate to specific body parts, such as a particular organ. In medicine the wood element relates to the liver and bile. They have the greatest effect in the spring since then is the season of wood.

  • More sciences such as aromatherapy, psychology of positive thinking, numerology, meditation are not classical feng shui, but use its principles and methods. Today, the boundaries between different sciences are blurred.

  • If you decide to trust a man claiming to be a feng shui specialist, he must have tools for different measurements, tables for calculations and, of course, a legitimate diploma showing he has defended at least one project as a feng shui expert.

  • Before the arrival of the specialist, don’t forget to perform deep carpet cleaning Portsmouth. When this expert arrives in your house, he must first ask for dates of birth of the people who live there. If he does not do that, then this consultant uses “popular feng shui” and differs from representatives of the classical feng shui.

  • When analyzing the house, it is possible to establish that one or other aspect of life of the residents suffer due to bad feng shui. In order to remove these negative effects, in the common case it is sufficient to make small or larger changes or remodeling. This will improve the situation considerably. In the worst case the only solution is moving to another home.

  • In case you plan a removal and end of tenancy cleaning Portsmouth, better leave the visitation of the feng shui expert for your new home.

  • The greatest method handled by feng shui experts are activations. The purpose is to activate particular energy at a certain time in a certain point of the home. The most commonly used activators are candle, fountain or fan. As a kind of activation is considered the displacement of furniture, repair or simply drilling a hole in the wall.

If you want to invite a feng shui expert in your home, better search a reliable one!

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