Ways to fireproof your home

Fireproof homeThere are areas around the world where fire is more than just eventual threat. In Australia and California every year houses get burned down by forest fires went out of control. But all this happening far away doesn’t mean that your home is safe from fire. What can you do to minimise the danger?

  1. Avoid wooden shutters. Folding doors from perforated metal can do even better work: your privacy is guaranteed and the breeze can flow easily and they won’t catch fire from embers carried by the wind. If you have glass walls of the living room, you can also add similar panels as awnings.

  2. Another purpose of the pool. Always keep water at reach – pool, rain barrels or cistern in case of emergency. Also you can stock up yourself with fire hose powered by gasoline, this comes with the bonus that even if there is no electricity, hose will still work.

  3. Select material for the walls. Look for materials that are heat-resistant and noncombustible, like corrugated concrete board. They will protect your house and will limit the heat in summer.

  4. Keep it clean. Fire can come not only from outside, but also from overloaded wiring, fallen candle, etc. Clothes, old papers and other unused things can burst in flames from the least spark. While performing your regular home cleaning, get rid of everything you haven’t used in years. This will also keep out the vermin and the insects.

  5. Take care of furniture. Treat your upholstered furniture with fireproofing products. If you haven’t asked for that in the store, when you were purchasing them, you may do that at home yourself. It will add not only safety but also these products have the advantage to make the fabrics stain resistant.

  6. Don’t forget the rugs. Some fibers are more voluntary to fire like synthetics and wool and if you have carpeting covering all the floor, fire can spread extremely fast. There are carpets that are fire resistant, use them. If your home is covered by small rugs, got them treated with fire resistant chemicals as the upholstery. Expert carpet treatment service offers such option or you can do it alone.

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