Vive a la France!

French style decorating ideasParis, Nice, Provence – romance, charm, haute couture – France is the essentiality of the word style. But do you need to move to France to live in French style house?! Of course not. Just with a couple of elements and changes you can turn your own home into a beautiful Provence “maison”. Look what you can do (this are just few guidelines):

  • All starts with the base – the charisma of the French rustic houses comes from their welcoming simple sense. Typical for this style are stone floors – the explanation is very logical – French like parties and outdoor living when it comes to the countryside, where one of the essential activities are gardening and hunting. You don’t want to have muddy or bloody stains on your thick, expensive carpet, do you?

  • Textured walls – use wallpapers or just plain paint – just concentrate on the color – it should be neutral, soothing, ingratiating.

  • Windows – one of the most distinctive features of the French style are the big floor to ceiling windows. They are not just decorative element, they allow light and warm during all seasons to link outdoor spaces with indoors.

  • Printed textiles – very typical. Not only for sofas, but also for the seats of the chairs and window benches. This means that upholstery cleaning will come to your way. Many of these soft parts can’t be taken down and washed, so be careful when you maintain them.

  • Kitchen – If in some styles you should skip this room (Japanese or Indian, for example), there is not more important room than the kitchen when it comes to French (well if you have wine cellar, we can discuss it). A lot of cabinets and drawers, hearth if possible, metal pots, pans and kettles hanged on the wall.

  • Flea market bargain – in French style all is about history, antiques and values. Take a tour around garage sales, flea markets, antique shops; even you can check the net for old pieces of furniture or carpets. Professional carpet treatment is essential for the carpets if you want to keep their vivid colours and structure unharmed, so better call the experts before you ruin them.

E, voila! It’s not so hard, is it? Now let’s head for fondue and nice wine, you deserve rest.

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