Various types of smiles – what do they mean?

We’ve all had moments when we feel attacked. We had days where we exhibited self-control to avoid the negative consequences of the dispute or scandals. We know that our smile in these situations will help us to prevent negative attitudes and can often act disarming to the attacker. It is our unique way to avoid conflict. Our smile appears quite strong in defense shield. Here are more details:

  • With a stubborn smile we often tell others “I’m fine.” Inside we can experience severe pain, but on our face, however, you see a smile. It can be a little curve and bitter, but it’s still there. Our closest people often recognize what is our status beyond. When we use it in front of them, we want to protect them from something we do not want to share.

  • Hypocritical smile. There are people, who use the smile as a means to show kindness, even when they do not like man against them. They are so used to applying it that it has become some kind of tic of their face. Hypocritical smiles are transparent and easily recognizable. This fake smile shows the true nature of those who use it for manipulation. People who smile and then say or do dishonest things should simply be avoided. Open confrontation will only poison us. We hope your carpet cleaning Portsmouth¬†experts never smile hypocritically.

  • Stubborn smile autotherapy. When we do not feel good but smile this can make us act as an escape from our own negative emotions. It can be our autotherapy with which to change our negative emotions. The least we can do is to look in the mirror for a little, smile and remember how much good and friendly we are. Remember the great results you achieved with your end of tenancy cleaning Portsmouth¬†– it will bring a sincere smile on your face.

Each of us chooses how to use his smile. When we have enough experience with its impact, we choose alone the moments and people when to show it. The important thing is not to lose our sincere smile.

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