Use vinegar in sanitising your home

Use vinegar in sanitising your home If you have decided to use Eco-friendly cleansers, then congrats – you have made a great choice! This is the healthier alternative to any chemical detergents offered nowadays.

DIY cleaning solutions are not only harmless but very effective as well. One of the main ingredients of most of them is vinegar. We know – it does not smell very pleasantly but you can still use its power in a combination with other substances.

Here is how to make a vinegar citrus cleaning spray and some other DIY cleaning products:

  • You will need vinegar, orange and a jar with a tight-fitting lid. First, you have to peel the orange. Don’t throw the peels away but put them in the jar. Fill it with vinegar and then screw the lid tightly. Shake the jar and put it in a pantry. Let it stay there for two weeks as you shake it every day. At the end, pour your citrus spray into a spray bottle as you mix it with tap water (1:1 ratio). Now, you have a wonderful cleaning agent – use it to sanitise your kitchen, bathroom and so on. The orange scent will refresh you.

  • You can clear the drains at home with a solution of vinegar and baking soda. You will have a bubbly substance which will help you in case of a clogged sink. Let it work for an hour and then flush the drain with some hot water.

  • Your stainless steel appliances will shine again with the help of some undiluted vinegar. Use a clean, soft cloth in order to remove fingerprints.

  • Vinegar will come in handy even when it comes to carpet cleaning services Fulham. Mix a half a cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of salt. For tougher stains, you must add 2 tablespoons of borax to the mixture. Pour the solution directly on the spot and let it dry for some hours. Then clean the rug with your vacuum cleaner.

  • Vinegar could be pretty effective in most cases, but if you need a serious cleanup – for example, during the carpet cleaning Fulham, you should use soapy water. Prepare it by putting some drops of castile soap in a bottle of hot water. Once you apply it on the stained area, rub thoroughly with a rug or a paper towel.

After all, make sure you have a supply of vinegar at home! Not only that it is a great addition to your meal, but it is an irreplaceable ‘green’ helper in cleaning!


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