Upholstery Dry Cleaning London

curtain upholstery cleaning A few weeks ago we had an awkward incident at home. My son came back from work and put some burgers in the oven to cook dinner for us.

Unfortunately, he was so tired, that decided to have a quick nap until the food is ready. However, that nap turned out to be not that quick!

When he woke up after 2 hours of sound sleep, it was too late. The burgers had burnt down, leaving the whole property smelling awfully of smoke.

The worst thing of the whole situation was that we had just bought very expensive curtains for the living room and now they were ruined for me! We could not even consider washing them in the washing machine as they were very thin silk made.

After checking online how we can deal with the situation, we found out that Upholstery Dry Cleaning should work in order to remove the horrible smell. We remembered that a friend of ours used a cleaning company recently to have their carpets steam cleaned and decided to check if they offer Curtains Dry Cleaning as well.

Luckily, it turned out that the company (House Cleaning London) could offer Upholstery Dry Cleaning as well and we booked them to come and clean the curtains.

On the next day a young man arrived for the cleaning. He seemed very friendly and nice. I left him in the property, as I had to go and drop the kids off to school. When I came back, he was almost done with the dry cleaning of the curtains.

Frankly, I was amazed by the result! There was no trace of the disgusting smoke smell, my lovely curtains were smelling so fresh, even the whole house smelled great!
I wouldn’t doubt for a second to recommend House Cleaning London, as the technician was extremely polite and professional and the cleaning results were up to magnificent standard!