True or false – which cleaning techniques actually work?

cleaning with toothpaste

When trying to make a cleaning solution at home you might wish sometimes to have a PhD in Chemistry. The cleaning results depend on finding the proper methods and right solutions for making your house look clean, welcoming and marvellous.

You probably are used to find the necessary information on the Internet.

Well, if you try to search different cleaning techniques and do-it-yourself cleaning solutions, you should have in mind that there are lot of wrong information posted by bored and unbooked bloggers.

There are tons of theories about proper cleaning, some of them out-of-date or unproven, so let’s look at a few of them and confirm or dispel them.
Cleaning myth # 1: Silver could be cleaned with toothpaste.

In fact, this is TRUE. But preferably test it on a small fraction of your silver item (just in case) and then shine it with insistently rubbing. I would say, it’s an inexpensive and really effective method to clean your silver.



Cleaning myth # 2: Carpet stains could come out agitated with toothpaste.
This for sure is FALSE. Please do not try to treat a carpet stain with toothpaste. You would end up with a large blob to clean out, which would certainly lead to wasting more money on replacing the carpeting. Leave the carpet cleaning to the professionals, they know what to do.



Cleaning myth # 3: Adding Coca-Cola in the laundry helps clean greasy clothes.

Who on Earth would like to pour brown sugary sticky liquid on their clothes, when trying to wash them? This is more than certain FALSE.

Cleaning myth #4: The bathtub and the toilet bowl could be cleaned with Coca-Cola.

I have to admit this is TRUE. Can of Coke would clean the yellow rings, rust and scale. And it is a better use than to put it in your own body.



Cleaning myth # 5: A mirror could be cleaned fantastically with vodka. cleaning with vodka

This is undoubtedly TRUE and is very handy tip to know. You don’t need expensive vodka to do the cleaning, just the opposite – cheap vodka gives better results. For your convenience you could mix vodka with some water in a spray bottle and apply it on your windows and mirrors. And don’t worry about the smell, it will disappear when the surface dries.



Cleaning myth # 6: Vodka could disinfect bathroom surfaces.

I have to deem this one as TRUE. Alcohol is good for killing bacteria and sanitize the non-wood surfaces, if you don’t mind the smell while you clean.


Cleaning myth #7: Hair spray is the best mean to remove ink stains.

My answer leans toward FALSE. Hair spray contains certain amount of alcohol and therefore may have some impact on ink, but modern hair sprays are made to be low-alcohol, so would not be efficient on something so stubborn as ink stain. Just rub a plain alcohol instead so that the ink blot out.


Cleaning myth #8: Newspaper is a best tool for window washing.

In the past newspapers were meant to be very good cleaning tool. Today we have much better alternatives as paper towels and microfibre clothes for instance, so as an outdated method I label is for FALSE. Newspapers might leave very unsightly smeared newsprint ink on the window glass and frames, that could be hard to remove and you’ll have to clean them once again to remove the marks. Plus, newspaper does not hold together when wet.



All these cleaning methods are truly unconventional, but as you can see some of them really work. However, if you are looking for tested and proven methods for cleaning your home safely, better refer to good old baking soda and white vinegar.


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  1. choose one says:

    Interesting post! You refuted all those myths.

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