Top 4 Hollywood diets from 21st century

Hollywood dietsIf you want to look like a Hollywood star, you need to take your favourite celebrity as a model. They do have the chance to visit costly medical cabinets. And you don’t. Well, the good news is that internet exposes all the Hollywood secrets – including the tricks that celebrity women use to be always in a good shape.

See the Top 4 Hollywood diets from 21st century and consider following one of them, too:

  • Paleo Diet. It is picked up by Gary Barlow and Megan Fox. Its main principles are connected with the Palaeolithic era. It means meat is the core of your meal. Though, you must always combine it with fresh vegetable – green ones are preferable. This diet excludes dairy products, processed food, beans and potatoes. And the simple formula is meat + green vegetables.

  • 5:2 Diet. It is chosen by our besties Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce and Phillip Schofield. This diet is appropriate for busy people, who cannot let go eating on the run. The diet says you eat 5 days normally – only healthy and fresh food. The next 2 days give permission on fast food. The formula is just like the carpet cleaning practice. You maintain it in a decent condition for 5 months, but you call professionals for double disinfection twice per year!

  • The Dukan Diet. This diet is famous for being chosen by the dukes Carole and Pippa Middleton. The diet has 4 phases. The Attack phase is a 1-week limited protein-free meal. The Cruise Phase is a 10-day vegan meal. The Consolation Phase gives you a 1-month normal feeding chance without fast food included, though. And the Permanent Stabilization Phase lets you have one day per week eating gluten- or fast-food-styled food, while all the rest of the days are bound with fruits.

  • Clean and Lean Diet. No, this diet has nothing to do with burning calories with housekeeping or large purges such as tenancy cleaning. We are speaking about clean and organic food. According to the diet, all processed and unrecognisable foods are forbidden. Here is an example – apple pie has apples inside. Though, if it is a commercial one, it has lots of bad ingredients. So, according to the diet you need to eat apples only. The diet is preferred by Hugh Grant and Holly Valance.

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