To Work from Home or at the Office – Pros and Cons

To Work from Home or at the Office – Pros and ConsWhat is better – to work from home or at the office? That is a live question nowadays. There are plenty of professions which require only time and Internet access as the place does not matter. For that reason, many employers rely on that method, namely distance jobs. So, work from home or at the office? Here are the pros and cons of both options. Let`s start with the advantages of working from the office.

  • For employees, working at an office may be very motivating. There are people, who make their own everyday ‘rituals’ – a cup of coffee in the morning, then having a lunch break, another cup of coffee in the afternoon, etc. That way, they feel like their time is well-organised which leads to effectiveness at work. Some people are more productive when they are away from their house. For these people, home is a place for rest, relaxation and any other activities, but not working.
  • Social benefits – well, working at the office is more social than staying at home. Still, when you work with a computer, you pretty much look at the screen most of the time and therefore you do not speak to anybody. But after all, you are not alone in the room and there are other people around, which is a great plus. You can always ask somebody for assistance and vice versa – you can always help somebody who needs your help. You may even have to work in a team on a certain project. That could be really fun and inspiring! Last but not least, when you have colleagues, there is always somebody to drink your cup of coffee with, spend the lunch break or even go out after your working day is finished.
  • Now, let`s see the disadvantages. For employers, having an office is an additional expense, especially if it comes to a rented room or rooms. Not to mention the costs that may arise in the event of moving their business – end of tenancy cleaning, removal charges, etc. So, if employers believe that their employees will do a quality work, complying with the deadline, then they do not need to have any physical contact with them. In other words: employers do not have to check constantly and follow the working process closely. The final result is the most important thing for them.
  • Lack of movement – as much as you try to move as you go to fill a glass of water on every two hours, for example, there is an indisputable fact: you sit on a chair almost all day long. If you are working currently at an office, then it is recommended to do some physical activities after or before work – fitness or dancing. Doing household chores is also a good example. But if you prefer not to spend your free time in domestic cleaning, then you can always rely on the professionals and go for a workout in your local gym.
  • What about the advantages of working from home? Freedom to schedule your personal time – now you have more time for your family, friends, hobbies and anything else, actually. You don’t waste time in going to the office. Find the best time for work – you may be more productive in the mornings or even in the evenings. It is important to create your own regime so you will not feel stressed. You can make decisions alone – that is a part of the ‘beauty’ of working from home.
  • You can follow your inspiration – if your work is creative, then you probably have found yourself in a situation when you have difficulties and then suddenly you get inspired. But if you are at the office, then there is a strict working time. When it is over, you just have to go home and stop in the middle of something. If you are at home, however, there are no limitations for your inspirations. You can finish your article, etc. without having anything to bother you.
  • You can relax as much as you want – that is something that generally is not possible at the office. There are fixed hours for rest. If you work at home, you can relax whenever you feel that you need it. Researches show that the more often a person rests, the better he does his job. So, that way you can manage to regain your concentration and shake off the tension easily.
  • Now, let`s look at the cons. You can get distracted easily – when you work at home, you can get distracted by plenty of factors. While browsing the web, you may spend too much time on social media or playing a game. That is why you need a good self-discipline in order not to waste a single minute but implement your tasks in the best possible way.
  • It will be hard to find anybody to go out with – working at home does not necessarily make you asocial. But if most of your friends have full-time jobs, then they have less free time than you do. So, sometimes it may be difficult for you to find a company for an afternoon walk in the park or a spontaneous journey.

So, both working from home and at the office has its pros and cons. In fact, everything is strictly individual. It is important to love your job and feel good in your working environment. Don’t limit yourself and your chances and you can achieve anything you want!

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