Tips for your end of tenancy cleaning

End of tenancy cleaningEvery time when your tenancy is coming to an end, you begin with the possible solutions for cleaning the accommodation to satisfying condition, so that you pass your landlord’s inspection.

The end of tenancy cleaning is really hard to do and requires money, efforts and time, no matter how provident you are.

In such cases, there are two options – the first one is to clean by yourself the entire property in details, the other is to rely on a company, specialized in end of tenancy cleaning in London.

The first option can expose your front money on risk and consume all your energy and time.

The second one will cost you some extra money but will guarantee a smoothly return of your deposit. Well, if you want to try to do the tenancy cleaning by yourself, here are several tips on organizing, so you could effectuate sufficient result.

Make a plan in advance and take your time! Most tenants leave the whole work for the last minute, which is wrong and will hamper the desired come-out. Begin with small cleaning jobs while you pack and remember that your energy has its limits and time is precious. Post tenancy cleaning is not something that can be done in a couple of hours.

Make a detailed task-list. This could be very useful, while you wonder from where to start on. Do not underestimate the favour of the task-list. Follow the chores in there step by step and you will see how the things get easier and organized.

Begin your work with one single room. Don’t start with cleaning of another one before you’ve finished the first one. Sort your stuff for disposal and donation in prepared for that purpose bags. When you are ready with the first room and continue with the next one, first fill the bags with the unnecessary things. Then you can go dusting, vacuuming and polishing.

Engage for the cause the members of your family or helpful friends. Doing it alone is unbearable task. Ask them to perform different chores and you might see that the end of tenancy cleaning could be fun. Make it as joyful as you can.

If you see that it is not going as well as planned, remember the second option – book a professional post tenancy cleaning service. If you make a research, you will see that such kind of service doesn’t cost a small fortune. Because of the big competition between the companies of London, the end of tenancy cleaning prices are very reasonable now, less than you expect. Hiring professional cleaners will ensure the return of your deposit and even a recommendation from your happy landlord.

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