Tips for split seams and tears in carpeting

Carpet cleaning tipsSplit seams and tears are classical carpeting problems at home. For somehow, cleaning the carpets in your living area isn’t the only hard job connected with this particular interior design item. Though, usually these things are closely connected. In a way, split seams and tears may appear from harsh scrubbing or not appropriate vacuuming of the carpets at home.

Stain removal and dealing with some organic spots on the carpet may also cause different injuries or damages. Tears, for instance, are typical results, when you don’t choose the right way to disinfect and refresh your home carpets. For example, delicate carpets or 100% natural rugs may shrink or tear after hot water extraction method.

Experts usually advise people to choose dry carpet cleaning for materials such as suede, jute, hemp, coil and etc.

As to us, we strongly recommend you to contact your local professional cleaning company for some carpeting sanitising, because supervisors, agents and specialists from these companies know what they are doing and how to do it. Of course, accidents happen. So do split seams and tears to home carpets. Check out the following tips for such occasions and fill the gaps in your housekeeping knowledge about carpeting:

  • Remember that seams between sections in carpets fall apart, if you don’t install the carpet properly. So, in case you have just bought a new carpet for your elegant living room or for your modern dining room, better hire some professional for the installment. On the other hand, carpet ghosts may be removed only, if you remove the carpet at first. When you relocate it on its primary position, make sure you don’t do mistakes in the installment process.

  • Tears and split seams may be caused in the high traffic areas, as well. Unfortunately, carpets are usually placed on such areas. So, save for checking for carpet stains and dirtiness, examine the carpet for tears and split seams, too.

  • If you observe tears, don’t panic and see what it could be done for saving your carpet! Contact the manufacturer for some guarantees or pieces of advice, and take the necessary measurements.

  • You can also apply seam adhesive on the back sides of the carpet in order to hide the damages.

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