Tips for choosing your perfect sofa

The perfect sofaYou have been planning long-awaited redecoration and rearrangement of your living room for months. You have checked a hundred of interior design magazines and blogs to find your perfect combination of furniture, colour and style.

But somehow you are missing the fact that buying new furniture is not only about fashion trends and designer tips and tricks, it is a big investment and you should pay attention to some really important factors. And choosing a sofa is not an exception – that’s why check out the tips below in order to find your perfect sofa.

  • Consider the size first

Don’t buy a sofa only because it is in your favorite colour and you think it is trendy and good-looking. Consider the size of your living room and how much of the space the couch will take and where will be best located. Think of the arrangement of the other furnishings – a coffee table, chairs.  Choose the most appropriate shape.

  • Research upholstery materials

You want a white leather sofa, but did you make your pros and cons list? Did you know that different kinds of fabric – cotton, plush, leather, linen have different stain resistance, durability and maintenance? Consider which matters most for you – do you have kids or pets, are you going to use expert carpet cleaning and upholstery services, what about sunlight exposure and so on.

  • Frame

A solid frame means a long life of your sofa. If you choose hardwood frame – you won’t regret it. Oak, ash and beech are synonyms for durability. Avoid frames of plastic and metal – post tenancy cleaners tell stories about cases of warped and cracked frames and therefore anxious landlords.

  • Comfort

Comfort comes before fashion, at least for me. And considering the fact that your sofa is not just a decoration but the place you are supposed to relax and enjoy the time with your family and guests, so it is really important for your couch to be comfortable.

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