Tips for better and healthy dream

Tips for healthy sleepHave you ever felt tired even after you have slept enough (in your opinion)? Or maybe you are suffering from a kind of insomnia? Sometimes stress and exhaustion are hard to fight with. Here are some tips for better and healthy dream – take a look:

  • Turn off the television (or computer) before you go to bed. Try to hold a book instead of the remote. Read a few and you will see how the dream will come faster and will be more profound than before;

  • Get some air in your bedroom – the air must be fresh. In the summer leave an open window for all night. Oxygen will not only make you sleep, but also the restoration of the entire body will be better. The temperature in the room should be around 20 degrees;

  • Get yourself tired – we are not talking about mental fatigue but physical. Don’t think too much when you are at bed. If your work doesn’t require a lot of movement, find another way to get really tired. Why not a little fitness at home or simple domestic wiping?  Stroll somewhere out there – this would be a good decision, too;

  • Take a bath before bedtime and relax in the water, enriched with special salts or lavender oil (for example);

  • Drink herbal tea or a cup of milk. They have a soothing effect. These drinks are certainly preferable to sleeping pills.

Your last coffee for the day should be at least 6 hours before going to bed. Don’t eat anything 2-3 hours before sleeping. Avoid strong spices, cigarettes and alcohol – they won’t help you to deal with insomnia.

Create your own ritual – follow something like a ritual for “good night.” This represents a certain number of activities that are carried out in the same sequence each night. For example: a short stroll, showering, listening to some relaxing music. If the ticking of the clock makes you nervous, get it out of the room. Try to go to bed at the same time every evening.

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