Things to put in your suitcase before going on vacation

Things to put in your suitcase before going on vacationSo you have been impatiently waiting for the day when you can take a break from the boring office environment and all the tasks you are responsible for and head to an exotic destination or just spend a week by the seaside together with your loved ones. Needless to say you should be very excited and you have probably made a thorough plan of the must-visit places a month in advance. Now, when it is time for a vacation, you need to make a list of the things that should definitely find a place in your suitcase. You can hardly deny that when you prepare your suitcase, you always forget a small, but important items such as your toothbrush or a charged power bank, right? Read on and check which are the essential things you should carry when you are going to be away from home for a week or so.

  • It goes without saying that you are going on a vacation to take a well-deserved break, have fun, visit places you have never visited before, have dinner in fancy restaurants and so on. However, remember to take some painkillers with you. You never know when a headache or bugged stomach may occur. The climate change can also cause you discomfort, so don’t ruin your vacation and take preventive measures. Also have few band-aids in handy!

  • It does not matter whether you have booked the most expensive hotel in the area or you are going camping, items for personal hygiene are also a must-have. A hand sanitiser is essential for germ elimination, so run to the store and get yourself a bottle or two in advance. Anti-bacterial wet wipes can also be very useful. Apart from your travel essentials, keeping a pack of these at home can save you a lot of hassle when you accidentally spill something on your table or the rug – it can be an efficient way to take care of the stain before the carpet cleaners arrive!

  • When you are rushing and trying to get everything done as fast as possible you may miss to take your headphones. If you are traveling far away you better make sure you put them in your suitcase as otherwise at the point you are at your final destination you may be bored and lost your enthusiasm for adventures. Another alternative to make your time traveling more interesting is to grab a book you were planning to read but never had the time to do it!

  • Today’s banking products enable you to pay with a credit/ debit card wherever you are, but you are advised to have some cash with you for a complete peace of mind. Sometimes local markets where you can get the best products use cash only – don`t risk to miss the opportunity of buying quality stuff at low prices just because you forget to have some money on hand. Plus you never know how far the nearest ATM machine will be.

  • As mentioned above, power banks are among the items many people tend to forget, so put yours in the suitcase! Phone chargers are frequently forgotten too but when you have accessible power bank you can be sure that even without an outlet around you will still have battery left. Make sure you have all important numbers saved up. If you use gardening services or the services of a domestic cleaning company, don’t forget to call and cancel the visit – most of the reputable ones won`t charge you a fee but it would be really incongruous of you to just neglect to call them and reschedule the visit.

  • No matter if you are an adventurous person who prefers to stop passers-by and ask for directions or you prefer to stick to an established plan, you’d better get a good old map with you. Yes, there are some reliable GPS systems but you never know what can happen to your mobile device so be prepared.

  • Compressor bags are yet another must-have when you go on a trip. Yes, it sounds a bit strange, but if you think about it, you will see that it actually makes sense. The last thing you will want to deal with on your vacation are the dirty clothes. Of course, you can request a laundry service, but if you want to save up from that, you will pile up a lot of dirty pants and t-shirts. When you prepare your suitcase for the return trip, simply put all clothes that need to be washed in the compressor bag. This way, you will separate them from the clean clothes and save some space to put the gifts and souvenirs you have bought. Zip lock bags are suitable for putting your toiletries.

  • Unless you travel by plane, keep a bag of snacks with you. A bottle of water, a home-made sandwich or blood sugar boosting candies are irreplaceable when the hunger strikes. If you are going to drive a long distance, take short breaks per every one hour of driving.

  • Last but not least, remember to take a quality camera with you and show beautiful pictures to your friends when you get back. After all, the memories of the warm carefree days and evenings will help you make it through the cold winter months.

These were the essential items you should never leave at home, no matter if you are going on a 2-day-long or a 2-week-long trip. Vacation is your awaited escape from the boring daily routine, so make it a memorable one and don’t let insignificant things such as a headache or a forgotten phone charger ruin it.

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