The natural charm of wicker furniture

The natural charm of wicker furniture

Do you know which is the best way to create feel of pleasant cottage decor in contemporary living rooms is to use wicker furniture. It will definitely soften room design. Wicker furniture items are very charming. They not only bring comfort and coziness, but they also remind of warm and sunny summer days. Thanks to them, homeowners may easily achieve stress-free and relaxing atmosphere. Most often people use wicker furniture when it comes to porch decorating, patio designs and outdoor rooms. However, it also look very attractive in modern living rooms. Thanks to this wonderful furniture, urban apartments become much more welcoming, because of the nostalgic feel of country home. There is no doubt, that wicker furniture may be combined with different home interiors. However, when it’s incorporated with contemporary living room designs, it gives super interesting and challenging touches. These days, you can find wicker furniture pieces in various styles, sizes and shapes. For instance, contemporary wicker chairs add adorable accents to modern living rooms. Are you already interested? Before purchasing some items, learn more details about the materials, used to produce this type of furniture:

  • 2RB_1_2Wicker furniture designs can be produced of different natural and even man made materials such as: rattan, bamboo, willow, cane, seaweed or synthetics. Items, made of eco friendly materials are amazing. They are often used to decorate eco homes, because they are very durable and healthy. When it comes to synthetic materials, they provide opportunity for innovative designs and unusual striking shapes. In order to resist on UV sunrays and moisture, natural wicker furniture pieces need to be covered with special, protective coats, such as paint or varnish. When it comes to synthetic materials, they are often preferred by manufacturers, because they exceed the properties of natural materials.

  • No matter if you choose natural or synthetic wicker furniture items, you will not regret it. These pieces are always original and very elegant. They will suit perfectly to your home if you want to add colonial and country style flavours. You are also free to combine wooden and wicker furniture items, because they look harmonious together, especially if it comes to traditional Scandinavian homes.

  • Synthetic materials for wicker furniture. Their big advantage is that, they don’t break easily. For this reason they allow very unusual designs and decorative weaving twists. In comparison with natural materials, synthetic ones have better durability and strength properties. The lower prices should not be underestimated either. In order to strengthen synthetic materials for producement of wicker furniture, manufacturers use also cords or plastic tapes, which are made with silk threads. When it comes to variety of shapes, synthetic materials give more freedom too. Colour range is also very rich – you may find wicker furniture from synthetics in cappuccino and creamy white colors; in classy black and natural coconut shades. The material perfectly imitates natural look and the pieces of furniture are super impressive and unique. Decorate your patio or your balcony with wicker furniture and you will achieve stunning effect.

  • M2_2_2.1Natural materials for wicker furniture. Do you know, that willow wines are a beautiful natural material for making furniture? Since ancient times different species of willow plants are used to make amazing pieces of furniture. Keep in mind, that willow wicker furniture is dust resistant, eco friendly and super lightweight. The last feature is priceless in case of removal, when besides the tenancy cleaning procedure, you will have to empty the property from all of your personal belongings. Various furnishings are produced from willow wines – sofas, chairs, tables, rocking chairs. After varnishing, their surface becomes super glossy. Another material, used for production of natural wicker furniture is rattan. Rattan palm stems that grow in Asia are used for this purpose. That’s a perfect natural material to make small cabinets, hanging hammock chairs, daybeds, chairs and storage baskets. Let’s not forget bamboo! This marvellous, eco-friendly material is often used for indoor and outdoor furniture design. Bamboo is super strong and durable material. All the decor accessories and furniture, made from bamboo are moisture-resistant and super attractive. When it comes to colours, thanks to paint and varnish, bamboo furniture comes in various tones too. You have to know that wicker furniture may be also designed from seaweed growing in the Pacific ocean. The amazing advantages of seaweed are, that they are very pleasant to the touch, hypoallergenic and wonderful, eco friendly material. If you choose wicker furniture made of this natural material, you will get items, that are resistant to moisture. You may choose from various colours: from light brown, light beige and reddish-brown shades to golden and greenish tones. According to experts, this type of indoor and outdoor furniture is expensive and very luxurious.

Well, now you are well informed about the features of wicker furniture. When you find an item, that you really like, ask the shopping assistant about the material too. When you hear the various materials (bamboo, rattan, willow wines, etc.), you will be aware about what to expect.

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