The best sofa for living room

Living room sofaIs it time to change the sofa in the living room? The old has already worn out, it is out if fashion, it has lost its original colour or you just want to change the interior of the room where you spend most of your time… Before you take a final decision and its condition is not this bad, you should consider having it professionally cleaned.

You can combine it with steam cleaning of the carpets as well. However if you have decided to replace it, here is what you should have in mind:

  • Corner sofas – they are preferred by most of the people and they do not seem to go out of fashion. However, the corner sofas require much more space – your living room should be at least 20 square meters and there should be no library, but only shelves on the walls. The corner shaped sofas create the illusion that a lot of people can sit on it, but no one would be comfortable sitting on the corner seat. Otherwise, it is perfect to just lie down on the long side and to watch TV. The advantage is, that usually the seat bottoms are removable and you can store a lot of stuff inside. But to clean behind or underneath this sofa you will need a whole army to move it.

  • Lightweight construction – the sofa has legs with removable upholstery, their seats are modules with zipper covers, which are removable and washable whenever. It is perfect for families with small children and pets, which create a mess. These sofas are easy to maintain and to move, so you could easily clean the space behind them.

Two and three seat sofas – 2-seater sofas are preferred in the contemporary interior rather than 3-seater ones and an armchair. This option allows you more freedom of the imagination in the arrangement of the living room.

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