The best carpeting for dogs and tips for easier hygienic maintenance

Carpeting for dogsIf you have a dog at home, maybe you have tried to find the best carpeting solution. If you haven’t succeeded and you still have problems with hygiene maintenance and wear and tear, you must read this article. Here, we’ve gathered some precious tips and dog-friendly options in order to provide your pooch a red carpet treatment. Choose carpeting complied with what suits most to your four-legged pet and facilitate your sanitising job either. Learn more:

  • Get rid of stains – you don’t want your pampered doggy to “decorate” your lovely carpet with some annoying yellow stains. Instead of endless scrubbing and spying on your pet, you can act wisely and invest in modern spot resistant technology. Yes, it’s possible. Just look for carpets and rugs, made of easy-to-clean fabrics – for example polypropylene (Olefin) is stain resistant and bleach proof. In other words, stains will remain on the surface of the material and you can easily remove them.    
  • Avoid hair accumulation. We’ll suggest you a simple trick. When you buy a carpet, look for a colour that matches the nuances of your pooch’s hair. For instance, don’t ever buy a flawless white rug if you possess a dark dog such as a Doberman, Labrador or Rottweiler. Expert carpet cleaners will advise you the same.

  • Red carpet treatment for your pal – if you want to provide to your dog a comfy surface to walk on, you may choose a soft carpet. Some pets love to play rough, you can’t change that. In this case, select a carpet that will ensure a soft landing space for all those tumbles. Let us reveal you a little secret – if you put a cushion beneath the carpet, you can enhance the acoustic absorbency of your premise.

If your pet still does any unpredicted mischiefs and your carpet gets really dirty, don’t be so mad at your four-legged friend! You can always count on professional carpet cleaning services, right?

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