The benefits of rice water

The benefits of rice waterFirst it is nice to start from there how to get it ready. Here we have to mention the following detail – water with which you wash rice before cooking is not that we are talking about. To get the maximum benefits from the rice it is necessary to boil a cup of it in about four cups of water – it’s recommended to use more water in order not to be absorbed by rice. Rice water is ready for consumption when rice is fully cooked. You can add any spices or herbs, if you want an even better healthy effect.

  • Composition and properties. Rice water contains essential amino acids and proteins, vitamins B – preferably B1, B2 and B3 (niacin), and potassium, zinc, iron and selenium. These elements help prevent stress and cancer, and help also the thyroid gland. Rice water is especially useful for children because it is easily digestible. It has the ability to help probiotics and good bacteria to multiply in the body.

  • Rice water refreshes body due to high content of carbohydrates.

  • Rice water reduces the temperature of the body.

  • Rice water provides a better blood circulation. You can ask your maids if they use it in some cleaning techniques.

  • Rice water is recommended for anemia.

  • Rice water helps with flu – you may add to the rice water some mint.

  • Rice water controls high blood pressure.

  • Rice water treats gastroenteritis and diarrhea.

  • Rice water is proven remedy for vomiting during pregnancy. Maybe sometimes the dry carpet cleaners use it too. You can ask them about more details.

  • Rice water contributes to the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Rice water protects against cancer.

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