Taking good care of your air conditioner

Taking good care of your air conditionerYou have already noticed that the air conditioning works better if the evaporator and condenser coils are clean. Professional costs usually seem unreasonable, though this unit may seem to you like space shuttle at first. But for your surprise you will find that it is in every handyman’s capability to clean it. Just follow this simple list:

  • Get some things in  advance – A/C coil cleaner, fin combs; leather gloves to prevent any injuries, the A/C manual to study the basic parts to be cleaned and a friend to accompany you in this courageous undertaking.

  • Remove the plastic filter holder – it may snap off or slide. Be careful – it could be heavy. Here is where your friend jumps in – a friend in need is a friend indeed, people say!

  • Use the fin comb to straighten the bent cooling fins. Always have the gloves on as this job is a bit tricky and you can cut on the edges.

  • Use a regular hoover to vacuum all visible dirt that is accumulated on both coils.

  • Spray the cleanser on and leave it to work its magic for a few minutes. If the buildup is heavy, brush in the direction of the fins with a nylon-bristle brush.

  • Take the time to clean the filters using regular domestic detergent. Let them air dry. You may also apply a little pale body spray if you wish.

  • Reinstall the unit and try it on.  If it blows properly – you have done a great job. If not – you have a problem! Call in a pro and let them see where the problem is.

Always have in mind that your air conditioner needs frequent service as to work efficiently on cold and hot mode. You can combine your domestic cleaning with this regular check. You may squeeze some drops of electric motor oil in the fan’s motor plastic-capped oiling parts. Good luck!

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