Taking care of rattan furniture

Rattan furniture maintenanceRattan furniture has that special feature to add some sheer and celestial air into the interior design. Replacing the old-fashioned wooden sets or the extra soft upholstery with rattan furniture, you will definitely get closer to the originality, fascination and unique inspiration in your home design. Though, you might have already noticed that rattan furniture is averagely expensive. It’s usually offered at bigger price than the wooden chairs or the sofas with artificial damasks, for instance. All of these mean that rattan furniture is more delicate and special. Indeed, it deserves some sophisticated maintenance. Thus, you will extend the lifespan of the rattan pieces at home. See our specially tailored tips now! Find out more about taking care of rattan furniture:

  • Always sanitise rattan furniture gently. Any harsh movement and any drastic scrubbing will destroy their tender forms and materials.

  • Dust the rattan furniture on a regular basis. Use a soft cloth. There is no need of some special cleansing detergent since the rattan material does not attract or absorb the tiny motes.

  • Speaking of products for disinfection and sanitising, keep in mind that abrasive creams or paint thinners, as well as chemical solutions, will destroy the rattan furniture. Also, know that its maintenance has nothing to do with the upholstery cleaning. Both cleansing methods distinguish.

  • Rattan furniture requires more dry cleansing solutions. Such chairs or sofas prefer the regularity instead of drastic methods, when it comes to maintenance.

  • Use the brush attachment to vacuum the rattan furniture. You can also replace this chore with a quick mechanic hob – some polishing with a brush that has medium bristle.

  • Remind yourself the big secret of keeping a rug always fresh in a top condition. Probably, the carpet cleaning specialists have already told you – once the stain is on, you need to take care of it! Do the same thing with the rattan furniture.

  • Never drag, but lift the rattan furniture, when you want to clear the near area. Thus, you will avoid splitting the fibbers.

  • Keep the rattan furniture away from direct sunlight. As any other natural material, rattan might fade away, too.

  • Once in a while – for instance during the seasonal home refreshment operations – oil the rattan furniture.

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