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The best sofa for living room

Living room sofaIs it time to change the sofa in the living room? The old has already worn out, it is out if fashion, it has lost its original colour or you just want to change the interior of the room where you spend most of your time… Before you take a final decision and its condition is not this bad, you should consider having it professionally cleaned.

You can combine it with steam cleaning of the carpets as well. However if you have decided to replace it, here is what you should have in mind:

Cleaning the furniture at home

Cleaning furniture and upholstery

Cleaning tricks for furniture cleaning:

  • To clean varnished and polished furniture you can boil a pint of beer with a piece of wax. Apply the warm mixture on the furniture and leave it to dry and then wipe with a soft cloth.
  • You can also use some vegetable oil. Apply a few drops on a soft cloth and rub the surface of the furniture.
  • If you have put a hot iron kettle on the table, take a cotton cloth, put some salt on it, soak it with some vegetable oil and rub in a circular motion until the spot disappears. Old stains can be covered with a mixture of salt and vegetable oil and rub with a woolen cloth after 2-3 hours.

How to remove a nail polish stain from upholstery

nail polish stain removal Whether you have dropped a bottle of nail polish on your sofa or you have accidentally brushed your freshly done nails on the armchair, nail polish stains can be very hard to remove. However, there are a few great ideas, which can help you if this incident happens and you have to perform a cleaning procedure at home.


Firstly you will need to remove as much of the spillage as possible. You can do that using a spoon or a flat knife.


Then you will have to use a cotton pad soaked in non-acetone nail polish removal. In order to make sure that the liquid will not damage the upholstery, try it on a smaller inside part first. Provided that this area does not get even worse stained, you can then go ahead cleaning the actual nail polish stain.

How to protect yourself against flu and viruses

prevent flu With the warmer months coming in, we tend to trow away thick pullovers and take out light dresses and skirts.

When winter comes, we believe that we are more likely to get sick, so we put on the pullovers again and start having tea more often.

However, with so many people around us, it does not really matter what season we are in, as germs and viruses are everywhere.

If you would like to avoid the unpleasant situation of having flu, there are a few simple rules you need to follow.