Superb DIY projects with school supplies

DIY projects with school suppliesMaybe school preparation have made you hurry with the purchases, sanitising in the kid’s room and many other tasks, which generally come during this time of the year. However, except for the main chores and obligations you can actually do something for yourself, too!

Being inspired by the school mood and by the ordinary school preparation shopping list ideas, we have come up with some original ideas for craftsmanship and creativeness!

Check out the following superb DIY projects with school supplies and get inspired, too!

  • A novel clutch – with the vintage trends coming so deep in the fashion lines this season, you can smash the competition for the best outfit. Make a book-like purse by using patterned textile and an ordinary book! Insert a pack in the middle of a thick book and add a clasp!

  • Stylish envelope holder – use a classical big envelope. Decorate it with patterns, stripes or stickers and transfigure it into a super holder for your personal belongings – money, smartphone, office papers and keys!

  • Decors from printing and papers – printed pages may be turned into leaves of a flower. Add some colourful buttons and make a cheering school start for your daughter or use it for an ornament in your plain and boring office environment!

  • Childish message in a bottle – it’s time to check out the quality of your children’s markers and water colours. Make your own messages on an empty wine bottle or fill with glassy papers! Your kid won’t find out, if still few bright papers from him or her! Add the decors in your kitchen, because regular domestic cleaning chores have become more and more boring, right? Make the environment more welcoming and nicer, so you can motivate yourself for housekeeping and household maintenance!

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