Spring cleaning – 7 days to cleaner home!

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Spring is just around the corner so we should all take up to the cleaning that inevitably follows this season. Spring cleaning is important as it is brings out our house back to life after the cold months and after a well-performed procedure, it will be a lot easier to maintain the neat condition of our homes. However, being busy working is not a suitable excuse to skip it! Even with our busy and chaotic lives, there is a way to perform successful spring cleaning. You will need one week to get the things done. The good news is that you can do the tasks before or after work so they will not interfere your routine. So, what’s the plan? Instead of spending your weekend scrubbing and wiping around your house, tackle just one household chore at a time. You will have spick and span house in a week – let’s start!

  • Sunday – get things organised. Sunday is meant for planning the week forward. Check if you are well-stocked on household essentials, cleaning supplies and make a meal plan. You can start preparing for the upcoming domestic cleaning – do simple chores such as decluttering the living room, picking kids` toys and doing the laundry. This day is pretty much preparatory for what you are about to perform in the following week so take it easy.

  • Monday – nobody likes Mondays still you will need to get back into work-mode for the week. This day is dedicated to dusting – dust your bookshelves, television, desks, fridge and nightstands. As electronics are notorious dust magnets provide yourself with a microfiber cloth for their cleaning – yes, a feather duster looks fancy but it will not help you much with dusting your computer and TV. Don’t forget to unplug them first. Vacuum behind your fridge because a lot of dust and debris accumulate there. Clean dust high to low – by dusting top to bottom you will knock the dust down and eventually all the grimes will end up on the floor where you can easily vacuum and mop it.

  • Tuesday – clean your bathroom. This may be the hardest day because bathrooms require a lot of scrubbing and wiping. The good news is that if you perform deep cleaning now, you will spend only about 10 minutes weekly in order to maintain its good condition. You can spray with bleach the shower, sink and countertops and give them a good scrub. If you are not a fan of bleach, you can use an alternative – a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water will do the work. When you are dealing with grout, use baking soda and undiluted hydrogen peroxide – scrub the surface with a toothbrush. To clean the toilet sprinkle some some baking soda inside of your toilet then pour a cup of white vinegar into the water and scrub with the toilet brush – any stains and lingering smell will be removed.

  • Wednesday – you will spend this day in your kitchen. Get the mess in order – wipe down your fridge, check out for some products that have expired, throw any leftovers which are not likely to be consumed. For cleaning your countertops you can use a microfiber cloth and all-purpose detergent or a homemade solution – it`s up to you. To make your sink sparkling use baking soda and lemon – sprinkle over and use half a lemon as a scrubber. Don`t forget to pay attention to your kitchen appliances, too – to clean your microwave simply heat one part lemon juice with two parts water on high setting for about three minutes. By doing this you will loosen the dirt buildups and you can easily wipe them off with a soft cloth afterwards. However, the things may be a little more challenging when it comes to   cleaning your oven. Here`s a relatively easy way to clean your oven – turn it on the lowest setting (or about 65 degrees Celsius) and turn it off when it has heated up. Put a small bowl with half a cup of ammonia on the shelf and a pan with boiling water on the bottom of your oven. Let them sit for few hours (you can start with this and do the rest of the kitchen chores meanwhile) and after that wipe with soft cloth dipped in dish soap and warm water. Still, if you don’t feel confident about the successful outcome, better call the professionals in oven cleaning – they will do the work for you and you can spend Wednesday night watching TV instead of scrubbing your oven!

  • Thursday – mop that floor! Sweep and mop all the floors and if you have carpets vacuum and steam clean them, too. Yes, it may be time-consuming but Friday is on its way so just embrace yourself and do it! There are natural ways to clean your floors – use freshly brewed tea for cleaning your wood floors. Boil few tea bags and let it cool. Grab your mop and wipe away grime and dirt. If you have installed ceramic tiles flooring in your kitchen, clean it with half a cup of white vinegar, half a cup of ammonia, a quarter of a cup borax mixed in a bucket with warm water. Mop with the solution and mop one more time with a clear water only.

  • Friday – simply rest. It was a long week so you deserve a break for sure. Spend the night out or just watch a movie with your family – whatever makes you happy just don’t think about mops and cleaning.

  • Saturday – wash your linens and bedding. Fortunately, your washing machine will do most of the work. Meanwhile you can finish the whole process of spring cleaning – get your wardrobe organised and finish any small chores you have skipped during the week.

In the end of the week you will be a glad owner of a sparkling house – simple like that!

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