Some tips to keep your office clean

How to keep your office cleanAverage full -time employees spend at least 40 hours a week in the office.

The office place is where we spend about 30 % percent of our life? Too much, isn’t it?

In this range of thoughts it’s really important for us to keep our workspace tidy and nice.

This makes us feel better, feel at home!

Here are some interesting facts about office hygiene, revealed by a recent research, lead by University of Arizona and Durable UK:

  • 82% of the employees think that they work more effective in cleaner environment

  • 60% of office illnesses are caused by dirty office surfaces
  • Your office desk is 445 times dirtier than the toilet

Most companies hire professional cleaning service to clean the offices regularly, but that does not mean that you don’t have to do some simple things to maintain your workspace tidy and clean! Here, I’m giving some useful tips how to do it!

  • Clear your desk – put any document or pen in its place

  • Wipe your desk often – buy a spray cleaner for wood or just some kind of disinfectant wipes and wipe it every day

  • Do not eat on your desk – a major source of bacteria, that causes a lot of diseases, is dropped pieces of food into your keyboard or drawer

  • File and store your documents – put every document on the right place or scan it, it allows to store more information and your desk will not be messy anymore

Following these simple rules and hiring a good cleaning company, will guarantee having a clean and welcoming office!

3 Responses to Some tips to keep your office clean

  1. Ellie Green says:

    Thank you for sharing this article with us, there is so good information here


  2. cleaners says:

    Thanks for Offering so much useful information about how to keep office clean !

    As per my views if you want to get your mind focused on your work, your office cleaning is the biggest part in this case! so always try to keep is clean and managed so that you can easily access your things.
    If it is not possible to keep your office clean by yourself you may hire a cleaning service it will be little costly for you but your office will be quietly hygienic as you always want!

  3. Chad Adams says:

    Great! I appreciate your posting!

    This post is very informative and interesting, so please keep updating this blog in future!

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