Smart tips for efficient house cleaning

House cleaning tipsThere is no doubt that house cleaning is a constant necessity. Actually, if you do it right, your sweet home will look perfectly – fresh, neat and tidy. Stay in touch and read the following tips for performing your domestic sanitising the best possible way!

  • You know that bacteria love to occupy different places, but their favourite ones are the kitchen sponges and the cutting board. It’s not even surprising, but you can do something about it. It’s very, very simple solution – just put your sponge slightly wet in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Then wait until it gets cold again before using it again. The same thing, you can do with the cutting board, if it’s appropriate for microwaving. Defeat the cheeky microbes!

  • What about the microwave itself? Keep in mind that it is very easy to clean it with one lemon cut in half. Squeeze the both halves in a bowl and put the peels inside also, then boil for five minutes. This way, all the cooking odours will disappear. In  addition the steam will loosen the gathered dirt. At the end of this domestic cleaning procedure, use a wet cloth to wipe everything and your microwave will be super clean and fresh.

  • Some people use the mouthwash only for bad breath. Actually, there is a little unknown trick for shiny and disinfected floors. It’s proved that the same product could kill the bacteria on your floor. Just pour a cupful of your mouthwash in a bucket and mop your dirty floors. There is one more detail. Just be careful – the floors should be tiled of vinyl, but not wooden, cause they will get damaged.

  • Last, but not least – the high-risk premise of the toilet. Every housewife wants to freshen the toilet without stirring inside. Actually this household chore is much more repulsive than carpet sanitising, for example, and it is quite understandable why. In fact, there are two efficient ways to do it. The first one is to drop two or three antacid (effervescent) tablets to stay for about half an hour, then simply brush and flush. The same result could be achieved with a can of coca cola, but let it stay longer – for about an hour. Be sure, that all deposits and yellow stains will be gone. Try it, it works every time! See it with your own eyes!

We stop this broad topic here, but it will be continued soon. Tell us if our tips for effective house cleaning have helped you. Don’t forget to read our next articles to learn more!

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