Simple guides for spring cleaning

Guides for spring cleaningIn case you have not made any plans for the spring refreshment of the living environment, we are here to give a big bunch of tips and wise strategies. Keep in mind that if your house has not been treated very well during the entire year, spring time is the best and the last shot you have to bring some air of neatness, beauty and loveliness!

See now our simple guides for spring purge and consider using them to achieve the agenda mission for an awesome, splendid and hygienic domestic area:

  • Hands up for a wall-to-wall sanitising! Start from moving the biggest items from the premise and clear up all the hidden corners, where germs and dirtiness really love to live. Disinfect with natural detergents and after that air the room for at least a couple of hours!

  • Think over the idea to save some money and instead of booking professional cleaning services, just rent some special machines for steam cleaning. The regular vacuuming you perform at home is perfect for tidying up at daily or weekly basis, but it is not enough for the deeper and more thorough cleansing!

  • Items such as furniture, carpets and curtains made of wool and silk require delicate and tender treatment. The best way to make them look like new and be bacteria-free is to use a white vinegar solution. It is mandatory to rinse them with cold water later!

  • Synthetic carpet cleaning should not be a problem for the spring refreshment. No matter what kind of product you choose from the store, the rugs will be safe! You can even try with an ordinary dishwashing soap in a mixture of 2 gallons of water. Wash the carpet rugs with the same formula, too!

  • Essential tasks during the spring refreshing are wiping the windows, degreasing the electric gadgets in the kitchen and of course – disinfection of the bathroom. Speaking of that you can also unclog the pipes with common Coca-Cola drink – it is effective, safe and nice smelling, too!

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