Should I give key to my housekeeper?

keys from home  “Trust starts with truth and ends with truth.”

Having a domestic cleaner is a great convenience, but also a great responsibility. You need to feel comfortable with this person (and so does your family) and entrust your home and belongings to someone you don’t know well yet.

She could be the most reliable person in the world, but consider for a moment the opposite possibility. We have to admit that coming home from a long day at work and finding home fantastically cleaned and organized would be great, but are we so confident in our cleaner’s good faith?

 What we can do about it? We want our home clean, but also not to be bound locking and supervising the maid.

Well, it would be inevitable in the beginning. Give yourself a time to get used to each other and build relationships of trust. It might be inconvenient to rush home just to open the door for the cleaner, but remember that it will not last forever.

Once you get to know your cleaning lady, you will find out what kind of person is she and whether you could entrust her with keys for your home. Really, the test of time makes a difference.

 When you call a cleaning agency for a new cleaner, always ask for meeting with them in advance. Tell the company that you would like to check the professional references and the criminal record of the maid. Hiring a cleaner through agency is safer than hiring a self-employed. After all you would know who to contact if a problem arise.

The cleaning company will supervise its employee instead of you and guarantee for their actions. Plus, your domestic cleaner would be covered in case of sickness or holidays. Select appropriate term for trial period and after it’s completed, and your relations with the maid are a fit, then take it easy and hand her the keys.

 When you give your house keys to your cleaner, you would enjoy the extra free time gained. Time for relax or having fun, or work if you prefer. There will be someone at home, whom you can rely on.