Safety tips for carpet sanitising

Carpet sanitisingHygiene needs constant support, effective efforts and strong will to accomplish it. You will definitely agree with this. Though, you might probably think that these are all the criteria for having a clean and neat home. Actually, safety is something important, too.

Never forget it and think about it whatever you wash, wipe or dust. Speaking of these, here are some 100% working and helpful safety tips for carpet sanitising:

  • Do not mix ingredients – including green – for making an improvising cleansing formula. There are hundreds of solutions you can find in the store and there are lots of eco-friendly recipes in the web. Just because you know how effective bleach is and how universal the ammonia is, it does not mean they work great together!

  • Do not delay the sanitising process. You see a spot, deal with it. You cannot breathe because of the dust, even though you have recently wiped the surfaces, vacuum the rug and etc. The more you put off the washing operation – and it is not only about the rugs – the worse your health and domestic atmosphere become.

  • When you know that your carpet is special, delicate, too expensive or made of natural fibres, use this knowledge and find the best solution for it. Rely on the safe dry carpet cleaning, which is specially designed for such particular materials, items, colours and etc.

  • If you want to preserve the entire domestic environment healthy, shining and comfy, but not only the carpet, do not leave it too wet. The humidity is bad for the rug, but it also creates awesome conditions for mould. And if you have never had mould, believe us, you do not want to. Use the direct sunlight or your personal hairstyle maker – the old hair drier – to dry the carpet.

  • Last, but not least, preserve your kids and pets from toxic poisoning. Forget about fast-acting and speed-cleaning commercial products. It is better to use something more ordinary, but at least not that harmless. Warn your professional assistants in housekeeping about this, too. For example, even though you are leaving, ask the end of tenancy cleaners to use only green and eco-friendly products for the rugs!

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