Questions that will help you to find excellent employees

How to find good employeesWhether you have a starting company of two employees, or a large corporation with 500 workers, one thing never changes – you want to hire the best specialists. But how to make sure the person is suitable for the job? Ask him these 6 questions. The answers will help you to decide:

1. “What do you like in our business? How would you change what you do not like? “

This question has two advantages. First, it gives you an idea of how a candidate would express in words something that does not like. Whether he talks about the problem and then immediately offers a solution, or he will explain how beautiful is your business, when it is not. Look for people who talk about the problem in 5% of the time, and in the remaining 95% – for the solution. Even if you hire carpet cleaners, ask them this question.

2. “Which book are you reading now?”

Passionate people read books to develop their skills. Whether the reading relates to a specific skill or the candidate reads material for self-improvement, it does not matter. These are good signs.

3. “Tell me about a problem which you had to find a solution in your previous job. How did you approach? “

Again, this question reveals a lot about their ability to cope with obstacles and their creative thinking (or lack of it). No matter if you search a worker for your carpet cleaning company or accounting firm – the right approach is very important.

4. “Name one professional achievement, which you are proud of.”

So you will understand what motivates your candidate and how he defines success.

5. “Have you participated in a team sport?”

People who play team sports such as basketball and football are motivated, purposeful and in good physical shape, which helps mental condition.

6. “How do you spend your free time?”

Balance is an important part of success. Over the years it’s proven, that “superstars” are trying to be flawless in most – if not all – areas of life, including in relationships, learning and maintaining good physical shape.

We wish you to find the best employees for your company. Use the questions, listed up above and you won’t make a mistake.

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