Pre tenancy cleaning service at my new home

pre tenancy cleaning at home It was two month ago when me and my wife decided to rent a bigger house. It was a wonderful 3 bedroom house with a very nice view and a garden in the backyard. My wife loved it from the first sight.

The bad thing was that clearly the previous tenants did not care much for cleaning and we had to organise a pre tenancy cleaning ourselves.

There was a lot of things to be done. There was dust everywhere, marks on the walls, the bathrooms were in a devastating condition…

The oven in the kitchen looked as though it has never been cleaned and all of the appliances and the extractor fan were covered with grease. Not to mention the carpets. There were dirt and stains everywhere, who knows how long have they been there.


I called a cleaning company and I thought they would send someone to see the house before the cleaning, but it was not necessary. The nice lady on the phone provided me with a quote and I even received a discount on the price as I wanted all of the carpets to be cleaned as well. They even had available team to send on the very next day, which made me very happy as I thought the pre tenancy cleaning would take a lot of time to be arranged.


On the next morning, a team of 3 cleaners arrived, right on time. They were very kind, advised me that it would probably take a couple of hours and I do not have to be there during the whole cleaning.


How could I express my astonishment when I came home! I thought that it was not the same house I left this morning. The carpets were so clean and fresh and there was a nice smell in the air. It was amazing that such stains have been cleaned. All of the rooms were flawless. The kitchen looked great and there was no trace of grease in the oven. The bathrooms were sparkling and sanitized. All of the windows in the house were clean and shiny. I imagined how happy my wife would be to see that. I would definitely use their services again and recommend this company for pre tenancy or other kind of cleaning to all of my friends.

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