Paintings as an inseparable part of the home interior

Paintings at homeThe paintings at home always look beautiful and enjoyable. And it’s not necessarily they were originals of famous artists. Reproductions, prints, even ordinary photographs are very appropriate for the interior of your dwelling. The only criterion is your own taste. Check out some suggestions for the different premises:

  • Living room. This space is designed to meet the guests, so the pictures should be placed at a comfortable height for the audience – five feet from the floor to the bottom. This rule applies to all rooms, but in the living room should be observed very strictly. It is not worth it to put masterpieces on every wall. A few paintings on two or three places are enough. If you have a fireplace, the picture above it is more than required.

  • The kitchen. Still life is the most suitable option for the place where you eat. It’s always good to match the drawings with the dishes. If you have hung up a round dish on your kitchen wall and you want to emphasize its shape, you can place nearby a picture or several pictures in square form. If, instead, you don’t want to accentuate attention on this dish, then the pictures around should be the same shape.

  • The bedroom. This is a double room. Here suitable are “calm” paintings of medium size. For example, landscapes or avant-garde, full of bright colors and optimistic content. The designers recommend to the lonely hearts or divorced to hang something bright on their walls.

  • For the nursery, the choice of picture depends on the age of the child. It should be not only beautiful but also cognitive. Small children should observe a bright image with a positive connotation. For example, positive characters from stories, images of animals. It would be wonderful if the drawings are made by the small occupant of the room.

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