Paint-free tricks for adding new shades to a room

Wall decoration ideasPainting is a really sticky, nasty and unpleasant job. We really think you need to paint the walls at home only when you do not have any other chance to cover the fingerprints, your kid’s drawings and other typical domestic stains.

However, you have plenty of other backup options to do these chores. Meanwhile, these options will also add some really authentic and amazing look of your entire home. And the best thing about them is that they do not involve any painting.

See our paint-free tricks for adding new shades to a room:

  • Get stickers for walls in a shape, colour scheme and design you like! Stick them in a nice mosaic pattern and enjoy the new interior in any room of your home place.

  • Try with wallpapers. There is such a big abundance of wallpapers in the stores. You will love the way they match your furniture at once. Plus, if you succeed in choosing something really attractive, you will get motivated to call the carpet cleaners and make them finally remove that fatty stain on the rug!

  • Hang your most beloved paintings on the wall! Do not arrange them in a boring line, but simply do it more creatively and artistically! You can even have a wonderful spring landscape write on the door, too!

  • Give your chair a nice makeover. Add some new pattern of stripes, dots and Vintage hearts or smiles. It could look amazingly nice.

  • Fringes are top fashion trend during 2014 year. Add them to your home interior design. You can adorn the pillows or hang a whole bunch of fringes on the doors, too!

  • All that boring shelves in the living room will look greater with colourful plastic plates or a football-themed collection of cups and glasses.

  • Bring some rustic mood to your dining room. Arrange some wooden studs and tie them with a bamboo tie. Finish the look with some greenery on the bottom.

  • Once you call the carpet cleaning services and see the real colour of your rug, change the entire view of the room by making some contrasts. Fill the room with white items if you have black carpet or make the premise look like a jungle with green curtains and yellow rug!

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