How to decorate a small apartment – tips

How to decorate a small apartment - tipsTo maintain a large house requires a large amount of heat and electricity. And in many cases the whole residential area is not even necessary. Nowadays we have the advantage of living in a small apartment. It will be dimensioned according to our needs, easy for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Check out these 8 reasons to give 8 hugs every day!

Check out these 8 reasons to give 8 hugs every dayWe all like to give hugs and to be hugged by the people we love and appreciate. Do you know that it is proved that the arms have a favorable impact on the psyche and emotions of the person? Recent research shows that if people are cuddling each day, their body will feel much better. Heart rate will improve, you will be more relaxed, you will have better sleep and more energy. Here are more benefits:

Golden rules for incredible party

Golden rules for incredible party

Do you love parties? If the answer is positive, then why don’t you throw an awesome party yourself?! Just follow our tips:

  • Decide who the guests will be – there is no party without guests, right? Perhaps most of the guests will be your friends and their girlfriends or boyfriends. The best host always invites at least one new person – a friend of a friend, colleague or someone interesting guest from another city.

Wooden furniture – fashion trend that will never go away

Wooden furniture - fashion trend that will never go awayTrends in interior design change constantly, following contemporary ideas about vision and practicality. This applies to both the colour and the overall decor, especially for furniture.

Although today you may find different materials for the production of furniture, the one that doesn’t go out of style and will not stop to be the favorite, is wood. Here are some pros of the wooden furniture:

Don’t do these things before a first date

don't do these things before a first dateThere are certain things you should do before a first date – like going for some facial skin refreshment, buying a new pair of shoes and discussing the plan with your best friend. However, there are also things you should not do for anything in life before a first date. We have gathered some of them and to tell you in advance – there are weird suggestions, but do not get surprised, because real people shared with us that these activities have ruined their first dates…

6 pieces of advice for a safe travel

6 pieces of advice for a safe travelIn addition to the pleasant emotions, traveling and in particular driving requires responsibility.

Here are the 6 golden rules that each and every one of you, whether a driver or a passenger, must respect:

  • First and foremost – never leave without at least one well-stocked mobile phone, which battery would last the time of the whole trip.

How to select a desk for the child’s room – tips

Nowadays, both interior designers and parents spend more attention on decoration the child’s room. It is the place where your kid spends the most time. It is an obligatory to ensure your child’s desk in his or her room. Here are some ideas for you:

Suitable gifts for your home, according to Feng Shui

Suitable gifts for your home, according to Feng ShuiFeng Shui gifts for home are the perfect solution if you don’t know what to give away to your friends for a certain occasion. Or you probably want to make yourself some kind of present? Which items attract positive energy, according to Feng Shui – check out our suggestions:

  • The magic of the flame – Candles are one of the most powerful Feng Shui items. It is considered that they attract prosperity at home. Do not put the candle in the South side of the house, as the flame is associated with fire and can turn it into a dominant. You should place it in the corner as candles ‘awake’ the energy and the inspiration for creative initiatives. Remember that according to Feng Shui, candle will be useful only if it you burn it often enough.

Which are the best colours for your bathroom?

Which are the best colours for your bathroom?In order to pick tiles for the bathroom, you must have chosen a colour range at least. Which colours are suitable for that part of your home?  Here are our suggestions:

  • Bathroom in red – Energizing and bright, red colour is a bold choice for the bathroom. But it is very spectacular and will definitely fill you up with some good mood. However, you must be more careful because red combines well with a few colours.

Don’t forget to secure your home when the baby becomes a toddler!

Don’t forget to secure your home when the baby becomes a toddler!Babies are growing up so fast. Your child is now able to reach all alone every corner of the house, led by the instinct of a young researcher unaware of the risks. Your kid is already a toddler and the time has come to look around very carefully and turn your home into a safe zone for life and movement of your offspring.

  • We can start from the stairs and the rail. If there is none, now is the time for such an investment. Fences with large holes give enough space to pass the child’s head, so they also carry a potential risk. We can use a network to safeguard them. If the staircase is internal and is used repeatedly, we may think about a special loophole that is mounted in the upper part. It is appropriate latch lock and may be found in many varieties and models. Slippery paths down the stairs, small plaster statues, artwork or just small pots may cause a serious accident, so you can store them or put in safe places.