Carpet and upholstery sofa steam and dry cleaning

carpet and sofa steam and dry cleaning In order to provide a clean and safe environment for you and the people you love, cleaning specialists and manufacturers of cleaning equipment advise to have your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned at least twice a year.

Depending on the fabric, which your carpets or upholstery are made of, there are two types of professional cleaning – steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

In case you have carpets and/or furniture made of regular fabric, such as wool or wool mixture, you will have to apply steam cleaning on them.

The steam cleaning method is done by using special steam cleaning machine, which sprays hot water (steam) on the carpets in order to dissolve the accumulated dirt.

Should I give key to my housekeeper?

keys from home  “Trust starts with truth and ends with truth.”

Having a domestic cleaner is a great convenience, but also a great responsibility. You need to feel comfortable with this person (and so does your family) and entrust your home and belongings to someone you don’t know well yet.

She could be the most reliable person in the world, but consider for a moment the opposite possibility. We have to admit that coming home from a long day at work and finding home fantastically cleaned and organized would be great, but are we so confident in our cleaner’s good faith?

 What we can do about it? We want our home clean, but also not to be bound locking and supervising the maid.

How to get rid of cat smell from tiled floor

cat odour removal Your fluffy kitten could be a real goblin when it comes to litter box habits. Cat urine smell is strong and persistent, and could not be called exactly “inviting”.

Regular floor cleaning is a must in that case. Here are some tips what to do if your kitten doesn’t like its litter box very much and leaves “presents” on the floor.

You can use black light to detect the problematic areas.

Pet urine will glow and you will know on where exactly to focus your attention.

If you don’t have black light at home and don’t want to purchase one, just treat the entire floor. Besides, this way you’ll be sure that the whole surface is disinfect.

After Fire Cleaning Service London

after fire cleaning I live in a small 2 bedroom flat in which last week a terrible accident happened. As it was Sunday, I decided to do some housework. I put the laundry in the washing machine and went to the backyard to water the plants in the garden.

Suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen. I rushed into the house and there was smoke everywhere…

I couldn’t believe my eyes! The washing machine has burst into flames.

I got so scared that I just didn’t know how to react! I went to the utility room, grabbed the fire-extinguisher and put the fire down. When it was all over, the damage was great – the floor, all of the walls and everything else was covered with black dust.

How to clean mud spots from a rug

dog lying on the carpet When I got married, my grandmother gave me a gorgeous mixed wool rug. Of course it was laid in the living room the very next day after we moved into our house. As it is a high traffic area, the rug needed steam cleaning every couple of months.

 Moreover, our dog, Jack, used to go and lay over it right after his walk in the garden and as a result the whole carpet was covered by muddy spots, which I was supposed to deal with every time when it was raining, which is quite often indeed.

 Here is how I treat the stains as I really can’t book a cleaning company once every week! First of all I prepare a soft clean dry cloth, preferably a white one, so to prevent any dying. I take out also a non-bleach mild carpet cleaning detergent and some white vinegar.

Carpet Cleaning London

carpet cleaning services My husband and I live in a beautiful house in Wimbledon which we love! We live here for a few years now and after New Year we decided it is high time to decorate the flat a little bit.

We’ve had a thought about it and came to the conclusion that all we can afford is painting the walls and changing the carpets, instead of calling a carpet cleaning company. This would make the flat look so much better without any big investments.

So in late March we’ve booked the painters who came and painted all the walls and after they were done we arrange for all of the old carpets to be removed and replaced with new ones. We’ve chosen one of the best carpets in the catalogue – pretty expensive since we’ve decided this will be our major investment for the decoration.

After everything was put in order the painters had to return because we had an issue in the bathroom and they had to repaint there.

Unfortunately they entered the flat with their shoes on and step on the new carpet and by the time I saw what was going on a few black stains appeared on the carpet on the staircase and the landing.

London advice directory: How to remove red wine stain from a carpet

Cleaning carpet from a red wine stain

red wine stain on carpet

 Everyone has experienced at least once the awkward event of spilling wine on their carpet. It is even worse if the wine is red and your carpet is a beige or white color.

There are a few helpful tricks for carpet cleaning, which can help you to get rid of the horrible stain.

First of all make sure that you have removed as much as possible of the spillage using a clean cloth or sponge. Once that wine is removed, the harder part of the cleaning process comes.

What you can do is mix 150ml. of warm water with about 30ml. of white vinegar.

Upholstery Dry Cleaning London

curtain upholstery cleaning A few weeks ago we had an awkward incident at home. My son came back from work and put some burgers in the oven to cook dinner for us.

Unfortunately, he was so tired, that decided to have a quick nap until the food is ready. However, that nap turned out to be not that quick!

When he woke up after 2 hours of sound sleep, it was too late. The burgers had burnt down, leaving the whole property smelling awfully of smoke.

The worst thing of the whole situation was that we had just bought very expensive curtains for the living room and now they were ruined for me! We could not even consider washing them in the washing machine as they were very thin silk made.

End of Tenancy Cleaning London

end of tenancy cleaning It was only last month when my girlfriend and I had to leave our rented flat in Wimbledon to move to another area in London.

My girlfriend changed jobs and so did I and it wasn’t convenient for us to keep the same place any more. We rented the flat through an agency nearby.

When we decided to leave it, we realised that we have to clean it to a very high level before we can get our deposit back which was a lot of money for us at this time.

I looked around for cleaning companies that provide End of Tenancy service.

There were a few that offered high prices or sounded very unprofessional over the phone. I was almost desperate when I came across House cleaning London –  for the End of Tenancy cleaning we had to organise.

Those guys are awesome!

Steam cleaning of my carpet

carpet cleaning london We had a party in my flat last night. It was all great but but when I looked on my new soft beige carpet in the living room on the next day I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

There were so many stains it was hard to guess what were they from. There were stains from food..coke but probably most shocking was the big stain from red wine.

I started rubbing the spill which turned out to be a huge mistake. The stain became larger and I was almost desperate.

I thought the best thing to do is to call a Professional Carpet Cleaning company to deal with it. I knew it was a very short notice for them to send someone on the same day but when I called (Nice and Clean London) and explained what the situation was the lady on the phone informed me they can send a carpet cleaning expert in a couple of hours.