Beautify your house with outstanding furniture

Outstanding furnitureFurniture concentrates the best part of your interior design. A home can be distinguished by its furniture and the way we organise them among the premises. If you want a stunning domestic area, beautify your house with outstanding furniture! Though, be very careful, when you choose them. Experts claim that, unfortunately, today’s furniture manufacturing isn’t very fair with us. Most of the cases, we see a lovely set of living room furniture, we buy it immediately and only in few years the entire room is like hell – due to the damaged, wasted and bad-looking furniture. Keep in mind the following guides, when you decide to beautify your home with outstanding furniture:

* Wood material production and application in global furniture production is a huge problem these days. It turned out that most of the companies – including some of the names we hear and see on the ads every day – have some illegal practices. Stay away from such firms and do not buy furniture from them!

Ways to fireproof your home

Fireproof homeThere are areas around the world where fire is more than just eventual threat. In Australia and California every year houses get burned down by forest fires went out of control. But all this happening far away doesn’t mean that your home is safe from fire. What can you do to minimise the danger?

  1. Avoid wooden shutters. Folding doors from perforated metal can do even better work: your privacy is guaranteed and the breeze can flow easily and they won’t catch fire from embers carried by the wind. If you have glass walls of the living room, you can also add similar panels as awnings.

If your dream house has a patio

PatioLiving in a house gives you the feeling of freedom and closeness to nature, especially if it has a large and beautiful patio. What people sometimes miss to calculate in advance is the maintenance and careful choice of materials for their outside estate. Following, there are some tips and ideas for the patio for those of you who’ve decided on buying a new house with an in-yard or that it’s time to change the “old” one.

  • Greenness, whether a patch of ryegrass carpet, hedge, or a garden full of trees and flowers, it gives the patio an atmosphere of privacy and the idea that you own a small piece of nature. Besides their air purifying functions, green plants and trees have calming effect; they keep the air and the house cool and shaded in heats and serve as a perfect natural decoration.

A simple guide for the perfect, but not tired housekeeper

Housekeeper guideAre you sick and tired of both – watching your house being dirty, messy and inconvenient all the time and making huge sanitising efforts without seeing any positive results?

Well, it is a common state for housekeepers around the globe and it is not a sin that you are in this condition, too. Though, there is a big chance and real possibility for you to change this!

Want to know how? Simply, follow our simple guide for the perfect, but not tired housekeeper and have everything in order and in a full disinfected condition:

Easy soundproofing of your home

Soundproofing tipsPeace and silence are two of the main features of person’s home. This is probably the reason why we started to separate and not to live in one cave with everybody from the tribe. But what you can do if the neighboring sub tribe from the upper floor is having a party or home concert with incompetent players? There are a couple of ways to soundproof your home without applying the heavy artillery and starting a major renovation.

  1. Seal… the doors and the windows. Weather stripping and the different way of sealing keep the noise outside, or inside, it depends on who is the noisy one. If the windows are not well insulated, sounds and air flows can pass through your home, this is both annoying and energy wasting.

Kitchen accessories: what and how

Kitchen accessoriesThis is the “main station” in every home – no matter if for a snack or for preparation of the family diner, everyone spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Not without a reason it’s called the beating heart of the house. And only the kitchen can represent a home like no other room. If you want to understand what kind of people live in the building, take a look in their kitchens. Follow our simple tips for your kitchen and you won’t regret it:

  • What colour are the walls? Cold or warm, bold or pastel, monochromatic or colourful – this choice should fit not only your taste, it should be family choice (if you have a family) and it should be welcoming and inviting colour – try neutral (beige, ochre, peach)! Although white is the first association when it comes to clean surfaces, it is too cold and frigid for the kitchen.

Vive a la France!

French style decorating ideasParis, Nice, Provence – romance, charm, haute couture – France is the essentiality of the word style. But do you need to move to France to live in French style house?! Of course not. Just with a couple of elements and changes you can turn your own home into a beautiful Provence “maison”. Look what you can do (this are just few guidelines):

  • All starts with the base – the charisma of the French rustic houses comes from their welcoming simple sense. Typical for this style are stone floors – the explanation is very logical – French like parties and outdoor living when it comes to the countryside, where one of the essential activities are gardening and hunting. You don’t want to have muddy or bloody stains on your thick, expensive carpet, do you?

Paint-free tricks for adding new shades to a room

Wall decoration ideasPainting is a really sticky, nasty and unpleasant job. We really think you need to paint the walls at home only when you do not have any other chance to cover the fingerprints, your kid’s drawings and other typical domestic stains.

However, you have plenty of other backup options to do these chores. Meanwhile, these options will also add some really authentic and amazing look of your entire home. And the best thing about them is that they do not involve any painting.

See our paint-free tricks for adding new shades to a room:

Tips for choosing your perfect sofa

The perfect sofaYou have been planning long-awaited redecoration and rearrangement of your living room for months. You have checked a hundred of interior design magazines and blogs to find your perfect combination of furniture, colour and style.

But somehow you are missing the fact that buying new furniture is not only about fashion trends and designer tips and tricks, it is a big investment and you should pay attention to some really important factors. And choosing a sofa is not an exception – that’s why check out the tips below in order to find your perfect sofa.

Hampton Court Palace Festival

Hampton Court Festival Hampton Court Palace Festival is back and London is about to be musicalised once again! Get ready for an awesome experience that will bring you lots of joy and happy moments. Gather your gang or come with your beloved person and enjoy amazing nights. As a matter of fact, the company is not important. There will be tons of crowds during the Hampton Court Palace Festival, so why not making even new friends, who share with you the same music tastes, interests and love of having fun? Are you ready, because Hampton Court Palace Festival in London is here!