Overtake one off cleaning to burn some calories

Overtake one off cleaning to burn some caloriesFeeling a bit heavy recently? Can’t find free time for anything, especially for the gym? Isn’t it high time for you to get into shape? Good for you, if you see the problem and if you want to solve it! Though, don’t you think that something else around has a problem, too? Check out your house!

Probably, professional duties and other family obligations have soaked your entire time and you don’t have even an hour for some cleaning at home! Well, guess what – you can solve the problem at once! Overtake deep and thorough one off sanitising to burn some calories! Get into shape and put your house into good shape too! See the most appropriate household chores for one off disinfecting and burning calories:

  • Sweep up and mop the floor! Though, don’t sanitise it quickly and perfunctorily! Sweep up all of the floors at home – polish them to purity! They say 240 calories are burnt per hour, if you mop the floor, without stopping!

  • Do some stretching with window wiping! Drop the long brusher and do the household chore by hand with a microfibre at hand! You can actually do the same gym exercise by dusting the house! Climbing on the furniture and reaching the upper areas are also great workouts for your physique!

  • Disinfect the kitchen – do this household chore from the one off cleaning straight after dinner or lunch! Burn the calories you have swallowed in the same room without even leaving home! By the way, cooking as a part of housekeeping job burns calories, itself, too! You lose almost 150 calories during cooking!

  • Sanitising the carpet – take it out first for some weight lifting and then beat it hard outside your house! Beating the carpet is the perfect exercise for hand muscles!

  • Do some leg stretching up and down, while sanitising the tiles and the gaps between them in the bathroom! No one off disinfecting is possible without bathroom refreshment! Plus – no gym training ends without taking a shower later!

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