One off cleaning for sparkling clean house

one off cleaning We live a busy life and sometimes we simply do not have the time to do some chores that we feel necessary, or we simply don’t like to do them.

Well, you don’t have to. Nowadays there are a lot of agencies and services that can do that work for you very professionally.

 One-off cleaning services are designed for customers that don’t need regular cleaning.

People use one-off cleaning services when they need to do spring cleaning, after parties, after builders or in any other occasion, in which they need some one-time help with the cleaning.

Most of the cleaning companies give a minimum of 2-3 hours to finish the assignment. Some work with the customer’s mops, chemicals, vacuum cleaners, etc. Some carry their own, and some do it both ways.

One-off cleaning consists in wiping all the doors, wiping all the light switches, the skirting boards, vacuuming carpets, wiping perfectly all the mirrors and basically all flat surfaces, all the windows and window sills are also cleaned and floors are being washed if necessary. This is in general for all the rooms in the property. There are also specific tasks for every room.

 The kitchen is treated quite properly. The stoves are being cleaned from the inside and the outside, same goes to microwaves, cupboards, fridges, dishwashers and washers. The sinks are also properly cleaned.

 The bathroom, being harder to clean, takes special care. Apart from the general wiping of the doors, mirrors and other surfaces, one-off cleaning services scrub and de-scale the whole bath carefully, so they won’t damage the surfaces. They scrub and disinfect the toilet and the toilet seat, thus leaving the whole bath squeaky clean and disinfected.

 Ordering a one-off cleaning is as easy as ordering pizza. Just pick up the phone, call the company and book a cleaning. This way you can use your time in a manner you prefer.

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