No-bake cookies?!

No-bake cookie ideasLet’s confess: we all like sweets and candies. But also we try to eat as healthy as possible. How to preserve the vitamins and the minerals? By eating raw meals! But how to accomplish this with cookies? The answer is: with these recipes:

  1. Peanut butter and chocolate. Mix a cup of sugar, quarter cup of milk, two tablespoons cocoa powder, four tablespoons of butter, half cup peanut butter, teaspoon of vanilla extract and cup and a half rolled oats. Boil the milk, cocoa, butter and sugar on medium heat. Add the rest of the products. Spread a sheet of parchment drop spoons of the mix on the paper and let it cool and harden.

  2. Granola bar. Two cups of rolled oats go together with one and a quarter cups of peanut butter, almost full cup of cranberries and the same quantity of honey, a cup of flaxseed, half cup of chocolate chips and quarter cup of crushed almonds in a big bowl. Mix, stir and put in a baking dish to cool down and get firm for one hour. Cut into twelve pieces. It’s so yummy and energizing that the end of tenancy cleaning Nottingham will be a piece of pie.

  3. Bucky’s. Cup and a half peanut butter, a cup of cow butter, four cups of chocolate chips, six cups of sugar powder and half spoon vanilla extract are all you need. Stir the butters with the sugar. Shape candy-balls and let them chill in the freezer. Meanwhile, prepare the cover: melt the chocolate. Dip every ball in the chocolate and leave them back in the fridge.

  4. Mice. Melt one ounce of chocolate and add third of cup sour cream and a cup of cookie crumbs. Cover the mix and leave it in a fridge till it firms. Shape the mice and use dragees, licorice strings and sliced almonds for eyes, ears and tail of the mouse. Try not to drop them on the carpet, it would be unpleasant surprise for the people who perform carpet cleaning services Nottingham for you.

Did you enjoy making these? Go enjoy tasting them!

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