Mommy’s tips for deep end of tenancy cleaning

Mommy’s tips for deep end of tenancy cleaning  You must be already informed about the essence of end of tenancy cleaning. Usually, experts and landlords determine the end of lease sanitising as deep, thorough and top-to-bottom procedure. It looks like seasonal disinfecting, but it comes with one special condition – in case you fail in this sanitising operation, you will lose your tenancy deposit.

  In general, though, end of tenancy cleaning is a standard one off tidying up. Here, old-fashioned disinfection tips may do fine piece of work.

  Plus, mommy’s tips are also always welcomed in the deep end of tenancy sterilising. They are tested and usually they are also helpful and easy to be performed. After all, there is nothing better than a piece of advice from your own mother, right? Check out the following list of hints. It consists of classical mommy’s tips for cleaning:

  • Always give a second chance to the stubborn stains. Whether it is about carpet stain removal or some very bad upholstery spots, sometimes you have to repeat the rubbing procedure. Only then, it will work again. Furthermore – the more you scrub, the more you deal with the bad hidden germs, too.

  • Bathroom whiteness may be simply gained with ordinary teeth brushing tools! Grab a toothbrush and toothpaste and start sterilising the tiles! You can do the same thing with the toilet seat.

  • For the hard-to-reach areas you may use the hair fan for dusting! Spread the dust away and then dust the entire premise with a microfibre!

  • Use your shower as a sanitising tool for several home items – refresh the original chandeliers with it and rinse the rugs! In the end, reward the shower with some polishing and disinfection.

  • When you perform oven degreasing, turn it on in advance and let it warm up. The grease will melt. Then you can easily wipe it with an ordinary sponge and a bit of ammonia.

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