Maidens and baby showers – from A to Z

Baby shower ideasSome people look at the baby showers as trauma for life. Especially if your best friend or sister is the one that will have a baby and you are still far far away from the idea of having kids. Let us help you a bit if this is going to be your first baby shower and you are the one that will have to organise it.

  1. The point. Baby shower is a good way the future parents to receive a lot of the things that they may need for the baby. Also this is one good way to celebrate before the diaper time comes. It’s good to know that in some occasions is ok to have baby shower even when the baby is already born.

  2. You or them. Nowadays this is very common option: you can hire specialists or do the work yourself. Doing it alone or with other friends will give the party one special personal uniqueness, so it worth the effort. But if you are too busy or inexperienced, you can always trust party agency.

  3. Make a list, indeed two – one with the tasks and another with the guests. It can be a surprise party or you can ask the mother-to-be to point the people who will be invited. One tip: men don’t appreciate baby showers much, so either separate place for them to have fun with games or TV, or invite only women.

  4. Choose place. You can choose to through the party at home or in a restaurant. Depending on this you will have to do different things starting with the cleaning, including upholstery cleaning.

  5. Menu. You can choose to make either full menu (salad, soup and so on) or to organise something like buffet with sweets, appetisers, cocktails (but avoid strong alcohol) and fruits.

  6. Decor. When it’s time to pick the decoration take the opinion of the future mom. Usually the decorative elements can include babies, storks, flowers, etc. Don’t choose something heavy or too flashy. It should make the guests and the mother to feel welcome and happy. The best thing about this kind of decoration is that you can collect and move them even if you are expecting post tenancy cleaners on the next day.

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