Lunch in a bottle

Soup for lunchIn cold months nothing warms us up like a bowl of hot soup. But what you can do when the lunch break is so short or when the nearest restaurant is not that near at all? Here are a couple of things in favor of these delicious and forgotten meals: the soups!

  1. Why soups? They are tasty, rich in flavor and texture and have more vitamins than hotdogs or hamburgers. You can use vacuum flask to keep it hot for longer. Usually these flasks come with comfortable cover that can be used as a cup. If you like you can bring some homemade croutons to add to the soup.

  2. Great diversity. With soups you can have different flavor for everyday. You can choose between vegetarian (tomato, cabbage, beans, potatoes or mixed vegetables) or with meat. This diversity is good not only for your taste buds but also will help your diet adding variety of vitamins and minerals.

  3. Unexplored grounds. Every country has specific ingredients and recipes for soup. Use the cold seasons as excuse for exotic liquid journey. From squash soups in Netherlands to the Indonesian soups with coconut milk, enjoy different cultures through the different tastes. FYI: coconut milk is one of the nasty strainers, so expert carpet cleaners advise in case of staining to use dishwashing product and water and ammonia for the worst stains.

  4. Great idea for diet. Soups consist mostly from water, so they make you feel full easily without adding extra calories. This makes them easy for digesting and your body receives the important nutrients in easier way.

  5. Experiment. Soups are rewarding are for experiments. Try different techniques for cooking and different ingredients – add chili to a chicken soup or rice to the fish soup. If you don’t like too liquid soups, use egg or flour to make it thinker. Egg is common but the flour needs to be baked first. For best effect, bake it after oven sanitising. This way you will be able to preserve the specific odor of the flour.

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