London advice directory: How to remove red wine stain from a carpet

Cleaning carpet from a red wine stain

red wine stain on carpet

 Everyone has experienced at least once the awkward event of spilling wine on their carpet. It is even worse if the wine is red and your carpet is a beige or white color.

There are a few helpful tricks for carpet cleaning, which can help you to get rid of the horrible stain.

First of all make sure that you have removed as much as possible of the spillage using a clean cloth or sponge. Once that wine is removed, the harder part of the cleaning process comes.

What you can do is mix 150ml. of warm water with about 30ml. of white vinegar.

Then apply this mixture on the stained area using a clean cloth. Leave it there for a few minutes in order to give the vinegar time to react with the dark pigments of the red wine. After a few minutes, scrub the carpet with a sponge. Then repeat the procedure a few times until the stain is completely gone.

Another useful hint is using club soda. The club soda itself blots up the wine from the carpet. What you should do is rinse a bit of it on the stain and leave it there for a few minutes. Then use kitchen paper to absorb the moisture from the stain and wipe down the carpet with a wet cloth.

Of course the results always depend on the fabric of the carpet itself and on how fast you will react to the accident.

In case the stain is too persistent, you can always call a carpet cleaning company, such as House Cleaning London. They use special equipment and steam cleaning method, which normally helps to get rid of the awful stain.