Learn the language of your dog!

Learn the language of your dogAnyone who has had dog knows that this is true, but probably wonders to some oddities in his behavior at times. Our misunderstanding comes from the fact that we make the mistake to believe that the pet is our equivalent, because of the proximity and our friendship. However, remember that no matter how much you love the dog and you are both inseparable, the dog is not a person. Learn more about the signs it gives you:

  • It barks every time when you go somewhere. The reason is that the dog has the instinct of herd and it wants everyone to be together. This includes family members, and other animals, if you have any. This instinct is due to the dog’s ancestors – wolves and so it follows its leader. And you need your authority to be calm and confident. So when you separate from the group it worries that it will remain without its leader, albeit temporarily. In other cases, the dog bark can be considered as a cry for attention or an invitation to play. Over time you will learn to distinguish all the nuances in the voice of your pet.

  • Turning in circle before going to bed. While to you that action is futile, for the dog it is not aimless. So it improves circulation and occupies the most favorable position.

  • It puts its chin on you. Thus the dog expresses devotion and obedience to his master and it is a sign of recognition that you are its leader and it will obey.

  • Lies back. In the language of the dog that means “do with me whatever you want, I have full confidence in you and I feel great … and if you want, you can scratch me, I will not object “. It will not act the same way with the tenancy cleaners, because it doesn’t know them.

  • The dog licks you and bites gently. This is nothing, but a manifestation of love. Since it not squeezes its teeth to cause you pain, this well-intentioned biting is actually a variant of the rough, playful kiss, but not meant to hurt you – on the contrary – it demonstrates affection. By the way, be careful with the detergents for carpet cleaning, they may be harmful for your pet.

Do you have a dog? If yes, you have probably learnt to read its signs.

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