Kitchen accessories: what and how

Kitchen accessoriesThis is the “main station” in every home – no matter if for a snack or for preparation of the family diner, everyone spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Not without a reason it’s called the beating heart of the house. And only the kitchen can represent a home like no other room. If you want to understand what kind of people live in the building, take a look in their kitchens. Follow our simple tips for your kitchen and you won’t regret it:

  • What colour are the walls? Cold or warm, bold or pastel, monochromatic or colourful – this choice should fit not only your taste, it should be family choice (if you have a family) and it should be welcoming and inviting colour – try neutral (beige, ochre, peach)! Although white is the first association when it comes to clean surfaces, it is too cold and frigid for the kitchen.

  • If you have enough space, organise a bar or just put stools around the kitchen island – this way there will be comfortable place if someone wants to talk while you prepare the dinner. Small chick talk or romantic chat over a glass of wine – being in the kitchen shouldn’t be a punishment.

  • Keep it tidypost tenancy cleaners say that this is one of the hardest rooms when it comes to cleaning. Keep always napkins around so you can have handy help in emergencies – oily spots during frying can be easily removed while the cooking is still going.

  • Get a black or white board. Also sticky notes are one very useful item for the fridge door – short notes or shopping lists. There are even some that you can stick with magnet. Or you can use blackboard hanged on the wall or on one of the doors of the cabinet.

  • One main rule: whenever you make your house cleaning schedule, either give more time to the kitchen or clean it more frequently. According to unwritten rule, this place gets dirty very fast and needs more time for sanitising. After all, this is the place where you prepare your food, give it the proper attention.

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